Up-Fuse: Fashion with an Environmental Message


We live in a plastic world, or so it increasingly seems. With so much of this plastic littering our planet as waste, we have to celebrate any innovation that recycles it and repurposes it, not just effectively but with a dash of pizzazz. Up-Fuse uses recycled plastic and turns it into fashion pieces that are trendy. Recycled fashion

How Up-Fuse came about

It all started as a graduation projection by two co-founders: Yara Yassin and Rania Rafie. The aim was to transform plastic waste into something wearable that celebrates the creator and the wearer. Starting in 2013, with great passion and dedication, the idea gradually began developing into the full-fledged business of recycled fashion that it is now.


Getting the project off the ground

It was challenging to create the production system and convince artisans and technicians to join because recycled fashion was a new material that they thought might not be successful. But now, Up-Fuse has an army of women artisans and technicians that it loves so much because they are the real creators of its products.

The public response

The first response was quite aggressive from clients in 2013 and 2014. The material and the design language were new. This encouraged Up-Fuse to learn how to approach the market with recycled fashion differently and enhance its material, quality, and tonality.

New ideas in the works

The team is working on a new sports bag and will soon hit the market with a new collaboration for shoes. .

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