True Love


True Love

By Ahmed Salah


Once I knew a girl, she was part of a large clique at college, we were in the same college but in different faculties and I was four years older than her. I spent my entire graduation year keeping my eye on her, watching the way she smiled, the way she moved, even when she was talking to someone else, I came to realize that she was rather special. I couldn’t spend a day without looking for her, trying to steal a word in conversation, or receive a smile for one of my jokes.


Graduation year passed so quickly and there were only a couple of weeks left for me in college, so I decided to go straight to her and tell her how I felt. She brushed me off and told me that she was from a conservative family that didn’t believe in relationships before marriage, and that she only cared about her studies. I wasn’t put off and respected what she said, I told her that I had no intention of fooling around or any teenage stuff, but to no avail.


I couldn’t take no for an answer and I felt a hidden message in what she had told me. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I couldn’t sleep, and I decided to make one last move. The next day I went to a florist, I asked for a single red flower, I wasn’t an expert in flowers but I guessed the color red had a meaning.


I took the flower, and drove my car along the ring road to wait for the college bus that was supposed to pass by. I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t sure when the bus might come, I waited and waited, and sure enough after a while I saw the bus pass by. I jumped into my car and started to chase the bus until I was able to make the driver stop. I leapt out of the car and saw that she was by the window looking at me with a shocked expression. I grasped the window with the flower in my hand, she kept calling me crazy, I held the window in one hand and the flower in the other and with the bus supervisor on my back, I said, “If you accept this flower, I promise you I will do everything I can to make you the happiest girl in the world.”


She blushed, and was hesitant, but eventually she took it, and went back to her seat

without a word, but with a smile on her face. Thank God the supervisor was smiling too.

This girl became my wife, and we have been married for seven years now with two lovely children. I will do anything to keep my promise to them.

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