Treasure Hunting in the heart of cairo


Photography by Ahmed Salah & Manal Abdel Rehim

A stroll through the meandering streets of the historical Khan El Khalili market is like a journey back in time to the Fatimid dynasty. We set off on our journey on foot from Khan El Khalili in Al Hussain area, down to the Jewish alley and the goldsmiths’ street.

Gohar Al Kaed Street & Khan El Khalili Alley

This area is packed with wall-to-wall shops housed in the centuries-old architectural structures of Al Hussain.


What you can find in the shops:

– Historical figurines such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx and Pharoahs.

– Silver and gold items like plates and antiques.

– Handmade jewelry boxes.

– Vintage magazines and paintings dating back to more than 60 years ago.

– Islamic lanterns.

– Musical oriental instruments.

– Bokhoor (incense), and hand-blown glass fragrance bottles.

– Galabeya and T-shirts with Arabic calligraphy

– Traditional cushions and rugs.

– Leather goods such as bags, also scarves and shawls of different materials.

– Candles in a marble container.

– Towels and bed-sheets.

– Papyrus with ancient drawings.

– Spices and food ingredients.


The Jewish alley of Old Cairo (Haret El Yahoud)

A very narrow alley selling precious and semi-precious stones and metals in raw and finished form, accessories, candle shops and gift shops.

The Goldsmiths Street (Sharea El Sagha)

An alley for goldsmiths’ stores only, combining both traditional historic designs with modern interpretations.


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