Japanese Cuisine at Cairo Marriott


This popular venue has just added exciting new elements to its rich menu, giving fans of its already impressive offerings yet another reason to head over to indulge. Cairo West Magazine was there for the launch, and wouldn’t have missed it.


Signature dishes:

Teppan-Yaki, Sushi, Sashimi, Steamed Sea Bass, Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Wok-fried Vegetables

Dishes sampled: Settling in, we nibbled on edamame and tiny salmon filled tacos, aromatically seasoned with caper, wasabi, lemon, red onion, and fresh coriander, while catching up with the news of our dining companions. Then, miraculously, dish after dish filled the table, with a constant flow of beautifully presented specialties.

The salad selection was created to share, so we delved into Tako salad, a fresh delight of octopus, celery, shredded carrot, zucchini, spring onion, pines nuts and fresh coriander, all drizzled with a tangy wasabi dressing. Then came the Quinoa Fitness Salad, a refreshing mix of quinoa and orange, with a honey-soy sauce. Smoked scallops followed, nestled in individual serving dishes and bathed in a mango-ginger sweet chili sauce. Then dishes of freshly grilled prawns in a citrusy ponzu salsa came to claim our attention.

A spectacular platter of sashimi and sushi arrived, with the freshest imaginable seafood, and creatively colorful sushi. By the time a dish loaded with seafood and vegetable tempura in a light, crunchy batter came we had really eaten more than we politely could, but we still had a mouth-watering serving of chicken, sea bass and vegetables, straight from the flashing blades of the skilled teppan-yaki chef.

The suggestion of a rich caramelized banana sambousek for dessert was mightily tempting, but we regretfully declined. It would have been a shame not to do it full justice, so that can wait for our nest visit.


Other menu options that appealed: We were more than happy with what we were presented with, and are sure that other dishes would all be just as good.




Décor: Dark, chic, stylish and intimate without feeling cramped.

Ambiance:  On our visit it was lively, buzzing with animated conversation and with a cosmopolitan vibe. A great place to catch up with friends over dinner.

Beverages available: A full bar, along with fresh juices, and traditional sake and green tea, of course.

Top Tip: Share dishes and try as many as possible.

Clientele mix: Business dinners, groups of friends and couples.

Price range: Moderate

Address: Cairo Marriott Hotel

Opening hours: 6 pm to 12 am

Tel:  273 94691 for reservations

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