Top 8 Instagram Summer Destinations Accounts to Follow


Enjoy Liz’s photo updates as she hikes, flies, and swims her way through Europe, the Middle East, and currently New Zealand.


Always on the move, Alex’s Instagram photos will take you to South America, Central America, and Asia as she embarks on new experiences.


You’ll never get bored browsing JD’s images of landscapes and animals as he explores the planet. His feed is updated often too.


The writer behind A Restless Transplant lives, travels and surfs from the comfort of his camper van. With his Instagram you’ll feel like you do too.


Carin moved to Paris in 2012 for four months, but fell so in love with the city that she has been there ever since. Her feed will make you feel nothing but amour for the City of Lights too.


Kate gives you a peek into her travel lifestyle with photos of beaches, sunsets, food, and culture from the many countries she visits.


Ryan & Liz spend a lot of time in tropical places, sharing images of their exercise routines and daily life in the countries they move to.


Sert’s stunning images, predominently of Turkey, never fail to cheer us up. He makes the already beautiful breathtaking.


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