Tolbino’s in Downtown Mall, New Cairo


Tolbino came to life several months ago, where through a central kitchen staff was delivering sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts. Business picked up and the first store in Downtown Mall, Katameya opened, focusing on a new concept of quality grab-and-go food.

Type of cuisine: Fresh sandwiches and salads.

Dishes Sampled

We started out by having our coffees as we browsed through the menu divided into the sandwich options of baguettes, wraps and toasts; salads and desserts. We opted for the highly recommended Truffle Roast Baguette, filled with a substantial amount of roast beef slices, Grana Padano cheese, sautéed mushrooms and sundried tomatoes finished off with an aromatic truffle honey mustard spread. The sweetness of the honey contrasted with the acidity of the mustard, making for a delicious pairing with the roast beef.

Our second choice was the Cuban Roast Turkey on a half baguette, with slices of Emmental cheese and roast turkey on a layer of paprika mustard spread, topped with caramelized onions, dill pickles and arugula. Both options met expectations.

The best-seller at Tolbino’s is the Mushroom Grilled Cheese: two slices of toast filled with three types of cheese, caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. This toast was incredibly tasty, all three cheeses melted together in a stellar combination. We shared this option but it could be easily devoured by one. For the salad we went for their lightest version, a protein-free Bio Salad consisting of shredded lettuce and arugula, chunks of goat cheese, orange cubes, thin green apple slices, beetroot, crushed walnuts and honey balsamic dressing. The nuts and dressing are packed separately inside the big salad container. A refreshing salad, especially if you like fruit in your salad, which we love. The fact that Tolbino’s produces everything in-house guarantees freshness and authenticity. We also couldn’t leave without trying the mouthwatering, addictive brownies. You need no more introduction. Just have one.

Other menu options that appealed: Asian Salad

Beverages: Cold and hot drinks.

Décor and ambience: Stand-alone glass house, right by the water with a great overview of the mall. The place is flooded with natural sunlight during the day. There’s a serene and chilled atmosphere that has a lot to do with sitting next to the water. There’s a sandwich bar and a grab-and-go fridge for the pre-packed salads and sandwiches.

Clientele mix: Mall-goers, office staff.

Price range: Real value for money.

Worth noting: Take home one of the pickle jars. Tolbino’s Grandmother’s Olives are an absolute ‘must try’. Also on offer is Freddo Greek Coffee.


Contact Information

Address: Downtown Katameya Mall – 90 Street, New Cairo

Working hours: 10 am to 11 pm

Tel: 0106 225 0716

Facebook/ Instagram: @tolbinos

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