The Tap: Who are Cheeseballs?


There are many great things in life and Cheeseballs is one of them, a musical phenomenon that hit the music scene and Cairo’s night-life hard! Who are they? They’re Jack & Anis aka Fatman & Robin.

In the beginning there was Jack (who is a brilliant bassist and a metal-head at heart) and he decided a year ago on Valentines to DJ love songs until you die, (so you can imagine the amount of cheese) and well, people loved it.

With different backgrounds, both Jack and Anis found their passion in Cheeseballs.

Anis who was a straight-A-student, started DJing at a young age and was inspired by international Trance DJs like Armen Van Buren and Aly & Fila. His main goal was to be on a stage, take control of the decks and make people lose themselves in his music.

On the other hand, Jack Avakian (who you might see a lot at The Tap wearing the coolest T-shirts) found his passion in rock music and fell in love with the bass guitar. He collects special edition bass guitars as he started playing at a young age; he has joined many bands with Egypt’s finest musicians.

Even though Fatman and Robin are different, they’re similar when it comes to those guilty pleasure hits and when on stage, you definitely feel their outstanding vibes.

Despacito is always on their list, and it gets even cheesier than this when they start playing those 80s and 90s guilty-pleasure songs. 

The idea of playing the cheesiest hits of all times became Cheeseballs and then Fatman needed someone to help with the amount of cheese and Anis came to the rescue. Anis is a mechanical engineer, which proves that being cheesy has nothing to do with anything else. The songs they play get stuck in your head and spread a mix of emotions that is nostalgic, happy and fun.

Cheeseballs are sometimes joined by some of the hottest DJs in town, the likes of Djunkie, Sebzz, Aguizi & Fahim, Safi, Kidmims among many others. (They can never resist the cheese-charm that is Jack and Anis).

So stay tuned to our social media channels to find out when they’ll be throwing them cheeseballs at you!




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