The Tap East


The Tap East is a Good Place to Chill and for American food in Stella Compound, New Cairo.

Concept: Fancy Pub

Mantra: “Let’s be different together”

Type of cuisine: Contemporary American

Signature dish: Buckets of Wings

Dishes sampled: Fried Cheese Balls, Chicken Dippers and Bucket of Wings for appetizers; Tenderloin Steak and Mushroom Risotto as main dishes.

The night scene in New Cairo just got livelier since the opening of the long awaited Tap East. Judging by the huge turnout on a weekday, we are betting it is already a successful start.  Once we got our reservation online confirmed we received a text with the “house rules” – timing, dress code, and women to men ratio.

We were seated at the high tables with a good view of the football screens, with a bucket of peanuts to munch on while skimming through the menu. The menu consisted of the usual pub food, such as appetizers, sandwiches, and burgers and also dining food such as salads, steaks and some other very interesting options, all, of course, cooked in  the very special “ The Tap “ way.

We started with a selection of appetizers: Fried Cheese Balls- a deep fried four cheese mix, served with sweet chili sauce to give the steaming cheese a nice cooler touch. The only downside is that the portion was small, only 4 pieces. Our second option was the Chicken Dippers – deep fried chicken breast chunks served with mustard and BBQ sauces on the side. The highlight was the bucket of wings, which turned out to be the signature appetizer. It is so popular that The Tap runs a 5-8 all-you-can-eat-wings on Sunday nights. The bucket is served in two sizes 12 and 24 pieces. We opted for the 12 pieces as we still had a long evening to experiment on other items. The wings can come marinated in a variety of sauces: Hot, Medium, Mild, Teriyaki, BBQ, Hoisin and Nero. We chose to go for the BBQ, which was finger-lickin’-good, despite the hand gloves.

We shared the T-bone steak as a main dish. It had mashed potatoes as a side, grilled tomatoes, and the choice of mushroom sauce. It was a very pleasant evening; we were entertained by some football and later on, live jazz music.

Other menu options that appealed:  Salmon Burger and the Friday Brunch Menu

Beverages: Draft, local and imported beer, signature cocktails, juices and soft options.

Décor: The Tap East has an indoor and an outdoor area with a bar in each one. The indoor section is arranged with the high tables, a 360-degree bar in the center, brick walls with large graffiti artwork featuring Jim Morrison, a band corner and a foosball table. The outdoor has a “bier garten” feel to it, illustrated in its benches. Perfect for bigger groups gatherings.

Valet parking is available

Clientele mix: A mixed age group during the week, and a mainly university crowd on weekends (AUCians and GUCians).

Price range:  Higher end

Opening hours: from 3:00 pm to 1:00 am weekdays and until 2:00 am on weekends.

Address: Stella Compound – New Cairo

Tel: 010 6000 0869

Facebook & Instagram: The Tap East


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