The Best Websites for New Moms


By Hilary Diack

Bringing a new baby into the world is a big event in any woman’s life, and with so much to consider, the idea of coping with a new and precious family member can be daunting. Of course, mothers, mother’s-in-law, friends and colleagues will all proffer advice to the point a prospective mom can feel confused and full of trepidation. Cairo East Magazine has come up with some helpful online resources with sound practical tips from professionals to make things just that little bit easier.

Ana 7amel

Shaymaa El Gammal and Yasmien Shahine founded Ana 7amel in 2011 when they noticed a lack of local Egyptian resources online offering community feedback and sensible advice for expectant moms. Both well into their pregnancies at the time, they pooled their professional writing skills to create the Facebook page. Ana 7amel acts a central database of tips and information from all over the Internet, compounded by the founders in one go-to spot.

Ana 7amel provides readers and fans with articles, information, videos and tips, and also strives to be a proper maternity club and a community service. It gives benefits besides the content, like announcing classes, highlighting places offering discounts for mothers, sharing information about maternity related events and publishing products reviews. The page also has a group of doctors who answer fan questions in from a medical perspective.

Facebook: ana7amel


Mother & Child

Founded by Rania Badr El Din, a proud mother of three whose passion is to improve the lives of families in Egypt by providing women with essential up-to-date information, free of charge. The website is packed with informative articles by professionals in the fields of medicine, nutrition and psychology and is an invaluable resource for both expectant and new mothers, as well as all family members. Along with a dedicated kid’s section, there are plenty of tips for homemakers, recipes and a useful directory covering everything a mom could need.

Facebook: MotherandChildMag



With a baby comes an endless list of things a mother will need. From the more obvious ones like bottles or diaper bags, to the more inconspicuous ones a mother might not know she needs right-off-the-bat. Your go-to source for all the items you could ever want for your baby is Hedeya. If a baby needs it, they have it!


Kids Avenues

Kids Avenues is  an online one-stop shop for wonderful stuff for babies, toddlers and older children. Perfect for busy moms, it delivers within 24 hours.



Mash Mama

Of course, no expectant mom can sail through her pregnancy without some super comfortable trendy outfits; it’s part of the experience. So here we go with one of the best places to shop, mashmamashop!

Facebook: mashmamashop

Mummy Chitchats

Right there for you on your mobile, the best news around for moms. All the information and blogs you could dream of, at your fingertips. It’s a free APP on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It offers a set of highly valuable mummy kits that help you receive and share all the support you need with your fellow Mummy friends.


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