Tabibi: Support Can Be the Best Gift for Mother’s Day


Sometimes the best gift is the gift of support. Mothers have the toughest job in the world. On duty 24/7, juggling careers and pouring out unconditional love and support to their families. It is hardly surprising that their own wellbeing often comes second after caring for the entire family.

Take your Mother’s Day celebration to another level this year with these suggestions, courtesy of Tabibi. Sometimes your care or help is all it takes to make a mother happy.

Self-care for a new mom:

  • Ensure that she has the right expert support team: family doctor, pediatrician and a breastfeeding specialist.
  • Take her post-partum depression seriously and raise your awareness of it. Postnatal depression affects around 10% to 22% of women after having a baby. Dealing with post-partum depression is critical and needs extensive family support and sometimes expert help.

Self-care for elderly mothers and grandmothers:  

  • Make sure she is up to date with her vaccinations.
  • Help her find a good doctor or a geriatric doctor to follow up with, and accompany her on her visits. Sometimes talking about health challenges for women can be a daunting task.
  • Help her find a passion and a reason to wake up every morning. Suggest activities together, and keep them regular and consistent.
  • Take a look around her home; lower her risk of falling by making sure her home is safe for her.

Self-care for all ages:  

  • Encourage her to make her health a priority by making it a priority yourself! A simple activity and right meal plan and vitamins can be easily missed in this hectic life.
  • Ensure she gets regular check-ups, lab tests, and screening tests. Is she aware of her ABC? (Hemoglobin A1C /Blood pressure/Cholesterol)

The gift she’ll love most this Mother’s Day is feeling supported and surrounded, 365 days a year. Make this an amazing Mother’s Day.

This article was brought to you by Tabibi 24/7, Cairo’s leading Family Medicine & Pediatrics group practice. Tabibi operates 24/7 and offers its services at the comfort of your own home or in one of its clinics.
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