Tabibi: An Egg a Day Keeps your Heart Doctor Away!


Eggs are NOT bad for you! Recent research out of China, done on over half a million people has shown new evidence to support that eggs are actually GOOD for you. For years we have been told that eggs can do more harm than good, because of their cholesterol content, but this latest Chinese research suggests that an egg-a-day may contribute to your overall heart health, and may even help to prevent heart disease and stroke.

These tasty, versatile oval gems are a rich source of about 13 vitamins and minerals plus an average of 6 g of high quality protein; overall they pack a punch in terms of their contribution to muscle and brain development and now we know, heart health too.

Like any other food, nutritionists and health experts recommend that you incorporate eggs into a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, so scrambled, fried or boiled, go whip up an egg or two!

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