Sushi Circle in Cloud 9 Mall


On a busy mid-week evening we arrived at Cloud 9 Mall to try out Sushi Circle, a spinoff brand of Luka’s bistro, now serving Japanese food under a Sushi Circle exclusive menu.

Dishes Sampled

We came for the sushi so we went straight to the point and ordered a 20 pieces combo which we took upon the chef’s recommendation. Our Combo consisted of 2 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, 4 pieces of Hosomaki, 4 pieces of the house special Pinky Roll and 8 pieces of Uramaki. The sushi platter arrived just after our first sips of a refreshing lemon mint juice – preserving our taste buds for the coming tasting. Our items were neatly presented on a black stone platter, garnished with a bed of shredded daikon radish on the side, along with wasabi paste and Japanese pickled ginger – two basic staples of any order. We had 2 eel Nigiri sushi, which was easily eaten in a bite or two. The eel was fresh, topped with teriyaki sauce – traditionally used for grilled eel fish. Our Salmon Maki Rolls were just right and bite sized. The Pinky Roll, a house special, consists of a bigger sized rice roll filled with avocado and kani meat (pressed crab) wrapped in seaweed and topped with a slim slice of shrimp. The last item on our Combo was the avocado Uramaki, filled with salmon and topped with a nice layer of avocado.

Other Menu Options that Appealed and Beverages Available

Hot rolls, a must try on future visits. Both cold and hot drinks are available.

Décor and Ambience

The interior is modern with fewer tables than the outside area, which stands along a big terrace in front of the mall façade. The seats are comfortable and tables area easily movable to accommodate bigger groups.

Clientele Mix: College students, groups of friends, families.

Price Range: Quite reasonable compared to sushi prices around town.

Worth Noting: Shisha is available, along with backgammon and playing cards. There are also TV screens displaying matches.


Contact Information

Address: Mohamed Naguib Axis, Cloud 9 Mall, New Cairo

Working hours: 9 am to 2 am

Tel: 0111 011 5026

Delivery: Available – within New Cairo


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