Summer Hair Tips and Tricks from The Experts


It’s our crowning glory, our security blanket, and our best friend. Without the best care, it can grow a mind of its own and behave like a teenager. Love it or loathe it, we are all slightly obsessed with our hair. Zakaria Ghoneim, top hairstylist gives us tips to prevent bad hair days.

How can we have super straight hair in the summer?

Let your hair air dry then section it and straighten it bit by bit making sure that each individual section you’re planning to run a hair straightener over is not bigger or chunkier than the styling straightener can handle. It’s a meticulous, time-consuming procedure indeed but it will ensure a smooth, even texture that is harder to mess up.

A silicone-based serum that you would need to apply after you’ve finished styling will help keep hair straight for a longer period such as L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Mix Supreme Smooth Nutri Smoothing Cream for Dry Hair and Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax. Silicone-based products act as sealants, providing a soft, waterproof barrier that prevents water particles from entering the hair and ruining its smooth silky texture.

How do you main a good hair color for highlighted hair?

By using the right shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. I recommend Chromarich by Kerastase and Vitamino color by L’Oreal.

What serums do you recommend for frizzy hair?

Elixir Ultime by Kerastase for all hair types.

How often should you wash your hair?

While some choose to wash their hair daily, washing too often can do more harm than good, and strip your strands of essential oils. Like your favorite silk blouse, hair tends to lose its shine and dimension when given a run through the rinse cycle one too many times. Therefore I recommend that you wash your hair once to twice a week so you don’t lose your natural hair oil.

What do you use to protect hair from the sun?

Everyone should use, Kerastase, Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur or Phyto, Phytoplage After Sun Shampoo.

How do you protect your child’s hair with the heat of the summer especially when they’re in the pool or sea most of the time?

The common mistakes parents make during the summer season are tying the girl’s hair firmly or shaving a boy’s hair with a shaving machine. The right way to treat children’s hair is to use scissors when cutting boys’ hair. Girl’s hair should not be tied while it’s wet. Before going in the water, a child’s hair has to be treated with serum for protection.

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