Summer Camps


Blooms Egypt

Name of Program: SOL Academy 

Location: AUC, New Cairo campus.

Activities: SOL Academy is a collaboration of Blooms Egypt  and the Music Program of The American University in Cairo. Classes are well structured to develop new- found skills in leadership, socializing, singing and sports. SOLers also develop excellent communication skills, grow in self-esteem and enjoy the benefits of improved co-ordination and fitness levels with activities  that include  sports, warm          up, leadership and team building , a Sing Out Loud choir, parties, local camps,  motivational talks, barbecue nights and much more.

Age Groups and Time: 

9 -12: 10am to 12:20pm

13-17: 12:30pm to  3pm

Dates: Starting September 2016 – Every Saturday

Name of Program: Skouras Sports & Language Camp, Greece

Location: Located in the village of Nees Fokies of Chalkidiki in Northern Greece. The area is of outstanding natural beauty, covering 120,000 m2, and just 200 meters from the sea.

Activities: Combining education, sports and entertainment in a very well organized program that includes many daily activities, games and sports that kids enjoy.

Age Groups: 7-17

Dates: 15th – 28th of July

Duration : 1 week – 2 weeks – 10 days

Meals provided: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid-day snack.

Name of Program: Groove Musical Theatre Camps

Location: Fagnoon Arts & Crafts Centre – North Coast and Sakkara

Activities: Groove Musical Theatre Camps enables theatre-loving children to  develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through ensemble performance.

The process of building a performance is designed to build confidence, inspire creative expression and instil well-being in both aspiring artists and future   audiences. The Groove experience is all about expressing oneself freely in a safe, fun and healthy setting. This season features ‘The Jungle Book’.

Age Groups: 9 – 12 & 13 – 17

Dates: 24th – 29th of July

7th – 12th of August

14th – 19th of August

Meals provided: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid-day snack.

Name of Program: Blooms Summer Day Camps       

Location: Fagnoon Arts & Crafts Center – Sakkara

Activities: This July, students aged 9 to 17 years old will have an amazing opportunity to participate in Blooms Summer Day Camps. Treasure hunts, Pottery, color fights, wrought iron, drawing on ceramics and much more! The day camps are held at Fagnoon Arts & Crafts Center in Sakkara, Cairo.

Age Groups: 9 – 17

Dates: 10th – 14th of July

17th – 21st of July

24th – 28th of July

Time: 9am – 4pm

Club K

Location:  Beverly Hills Club

Activities: Club K is designed to build and enhance your child’s skills using various aspects of social and educational aspects of life. Through the camp’s six- week program your                 child will acquire positive behavior and learn important life-skills, including arts, etiquette, science, business and politics.

Age Groups: 4 – 13


The First Round: from the 19th of June to the 1st of July.

The Second Round: from the 17th of July to the 30th of July.

The Last Round: from the 31st of July to the 13th of August.

Time: Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm

Creative Academy

Name of Program: Summer Camp

Location: The Curve Mall, behind Tivoli Dome- Sheikh Zayed.

Activities: Magician Show, cooking, drama, trips, pool, movies, gymnastics, bubble show, dancing, water fight, arts and crafts, Disney show, competition games, messy activities.

Age Groups: 3-7


First Session:  from 3rd of July to 6th of July

Second Session: 10th of July to 31st of July

Third Session: 1st of August to 25th of August

Time: 8am to 3pm

Meals provided: Two meals (Breakfast and Lunch)

Culture Lab

Name of Program: Creative Land Summer Camp

Location: Culture Lab, Galleria 40,  Sheikh Zayed

Age Groups: 3 – 5, 6 – 8 and 9 -12

Dates: One week camp (5 days) starting last week of June until end of August.

Time:  from 9am to 4pm    (extra activities are available after 4pm).

Meals provided: One complete meal will be provided by Rose Ville every day.

Activities: Creative Land Summer Camp is the opportunity for your children to experience all sorts of activities and discover and develop their artistic talents while   having a lot of fun.  Activities provided include handcrafts, playing music, singing,  costume / jewelry making, dance, fitness, painting, ballet/ kick boxing and games. Each week will have the theme of a different country applied to the activities


so that each child goes home one step closer to knowing himself and knowing the world. This camp is made possible thanks to the collaboration of three specialized professionals: Art Cafe , Art Mania, and Slimnastics at the Culture Lab. 

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

Name of Program: Helen O’Grady Drama Academy CTC, Creative Talented Campers

Location: Arabella Country Club, 5th Settlement, New Cairo

Age Groups:  4 -13

Dates:  26th of June to 5th of July

Time: 9am to 3pm and 11am to 3pm

Activities : The CTC Summer Camp has been described by campers as a unique, special, well rounded experience and a magical place where the worlds of arts, sports, recreation, communication and the outdoors collide. Helen O’Grady Academy offers its award-winning program endorsed by Trinity College, London, designed to increase confidence, creativity and communication skills. Our CTC camp also brings best in class diverse sports programs                together, including tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, jogging, and many more run by top                 professional local and international coaches.


Name of Program: Hewaya Summer Program           

Location: Tara Compound, Entrance1, Sheikh Zayed City

Activities: This year Hewaya is offering an exciting program full of fun and art activities.  Our partners this summer include Rizkallah Art with their professional art program for all age groups and Gary Carpe Diem camp with his exciting scouting team activities.  We will also be having The Nutty Scientists on board with their science show and hands-on scientific tricks and experiments. This summer also Hewaya Football Academy Coaches will be with us every day with lots of football matches, games and fun activities. The program will also include, self-defence, pottery, cooking, dancing and much more.

Hewaya is also offering Engineeius Camps for those kids who are into Robotics and Engineering activities.  These camps include programs for kids ages 5-14 years. Engineeius programs are specialized in STEM in a highly engaging and fun environment. Hewaya Football Academy will also be available during the months of July and August at Hacienda North Coast.

Age Groups:  4-6,  7-9 and 10-12

Dates:  From 19th to 30th of June (two weeks)

From 17th to 28th of July  (two weeks)

Time: from 9am till 3pm (Ramadan hours to be determined)


Name of Program: Eye Design from Astronomy

Location: The Greek Campus, Jameel Building 2nd floor, 28 Falaki St.

Age Groups: 10 – 12 and 13 – 15

Dates: 17th to 28th of July  (2 weeks, Sunday- Thursday)

Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Meals provided: Light snacks during breaks.

Activities: Our solar neighborhood is an exciting place, it is full of planets, moons,             asteroids and many other exciting objects. This year we are using Astronomy to be inspired and inspire, to learn about science in general and design in particular,                             creating your own original designs as individual and collective artworks.


Name of Program: Kiddles Summer and Ramadan Camp

Location: Kiddles Down Town Branch: At Downtown Katameya Mall, Building S3, 2nd floor, 5th District, Road 90, New Cairo

Age Groups: 3 – 9

Dates: 17th of June to 4th of September

Time: 10am to 3pm

Meals provided: Healthy lunch and a snack

Activities: Our Little Campers are led through a variety of games, art,                   cooking, healthy eating awareness, science experiments, gardening, and            dancing by a nurturing and energetic team.

Madarek Workshops

Name of Program: Madarek Workshops Summer Camp

Location: New Cairo, off Road 90

Age Groups: 4-6,  7-9, 10-12

Dates: 15th of May till 1st of September

Time: From 9am to 4pm

Meals provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Snack 

Activities: Madarek workshops is offering a cultural camp with lots of activities to increase creativity and enhance thinking and social skills of the children, incorporating lots of different activities like go green , architecture , science crafts , public speaking , drama , arts and crafts , sports and water games. Foreign teachers , positive discipline trained instructors and a safe fun atmosphere.


Name of Program: Value Fun Summer Camps by Rizkallah

Location: Smash Club Katameya Residence, 1st Settlement

Age Groups: 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12

Dates: Weekly camps starting from the 26th of June to 1st of September

Time: 8am to 4pm

Meals provided: Optional (extra fees)

Activities: Value Fun Camps by Rizkallah are the first value-oriented

camps in town. We offer a wide variety of exciting activities including football, tennis, swimming, self defence, scouting, fashion design, team building, character education as well as art. It is a place where your little ones will make new friends, spend quality time, learn and above all have fun.

Transportation: Available

Seasons Country Club

Name of Program: Seasons Summer Camp

Location: Seasons Country Club

Age Groups: 4-12

Dates: Starting 26th of June

Time: 10am  to 4pm

Meals provided: Morning snack and lunch

Activities: Seasons  is offering a wide variety of sports and activities in the yearly summer camp. Kids enjoy their creativity while playing tennis, archery, soccer, cooking, arts and crafts, water fun games and much more. Join us for a day or a week!

Smart Art

Name of Program: Around the World with Art

Location: Maadi

Age Groups: 5-8 and 9-12

Dates: 25th  of June to 1st  of September

Time: 11am to 3pm

Activities:  In this summer camp the children will explore the history, culture     and art of different countries from around the world such as Italy, Mexico,               Australia, Ancient Egypt, and much more. Each day the children will explore a      country and create an art project inspired by its history or culture. The kids will also enjoy activities like folk tale storytelling, creative writing activities                and art games.

Kidiology – Palm Hills Club

Name of Program: Survivors 101 Summer Camp

Location: Palm Hills Club, 6th of October

Age Group: 4 – 12

Dates: 19th of June  to 25th of August

Time: From 9:30 am to 3pm

Meals provided: Hot meal

Activities: The Survivors 101 Camp is the first professional  sports challenge camp applying the electronic collecting point system, for ages 4 – 12. It’s all about sports activities developing team building and leadership. Campers will get the chance to be trained by professional academies and highly qualified coaches.

Transportation: Available

Tiny Feet

Name of Program: Tiny Feet Summer School

Location: Area 1,3rd District,5th Settlement – New Cairo.

Age Group: 2-4

Dates: 26th of June to 28th of July

Time: 9am  to 2:30pm

Activities: Our summer camp is a weekly camp. Every week has a different theme and different activities, indoors and outdoors. During the camp kids experience challenges that are full of fun. Within our themes we teach kids self motivation and character building.


Name of Program: Summer Day Camps

Location: New Cairo/ 6th of October City

Age Group: 4-12


Week 1: 25th of June – 29th of June

Week 2: 10th of July – 14th of July

Week 3: 17th of July – 21st of July

Week 4: 24th of July – 28th of July

Week 5: 31st of July – 4th of August

Week 6: 7th of August – 11th of August

Week 7: 14th of August – 18th of August

Time: 9am – 3:30 pm

Meals provided: Yes, with extra fees 200 EGP per week ( Optional)


Abroad Adventure Camps

Name of Program: Italy Adventure Camp

Location: Rome and Turin

Dates: 17th of July to 24th of July

Age Group: 14-18

Meals provided: Full Board Accommodation


Name of Program: USA adventure camp

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: 5th of August to 15th August

Age Group: 14-18

Meals provided: Full Board Accommodation


Name of Program: USA Soccer Camp

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dates: 15th July to 25th July

Age Group: 10-14

Meals provided: Full Board Accommodation

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