Soda Rolls Out 2 Super Smart Phones: The E1 and the S1


Smart phones built with state-of-the-art tech don’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore! Thanks to Soda, a new mobile & mobile accessories company developed by Chenyee Technology, one of the largest smartphone manufactures that has been serving many worldwide smartphone brands for over 7 years.

Soda recently rolled out two spectacular cost-effective phones, each way ahead of today’s mobile device offerings in its own right, the E1 and the S1.

More for Your Money
The E1 is one of those performing horses; it can go the long haul and then some! With a 4000mAh super battery, the performance and longevity of this phone is unparalleled. Even when operating a 4G network, the battery is not easily drained! Take that, and add it to the 5.5 inch IPS screen displaying with a whopping 1280*720P resolution, and you’ve got a device worthy of viewing all your favorite HD media! Not only that, the E1 supports picture-in-picture viewing, which means you can watch a video in a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while you browse apps or other content on the main screen. A 13MP camera delivers a crisp, clear picture, and the Face Beauty function enhances all the selfies you’ll be taking with your E1.

The E1 operates the smooth and user friendly Android 8.1 OS and runs all of Android’s up-to-date features. Now here’s the best part, the warranty on the E1 is 15 months! That’s a year plus! This gives you a worry-free experience and peace-of-mind knowing that your purchase is secured. This phone will not break the bank, so if you’re on a limited budget but do not want to compromise on your smart phone experience, the E1 is for you. Pocket size, pocket friendly, and delivers big!

Sleek Style, Maximum Performance

If you like a little more flash, you can go ahead and opt for the S1. This phone is sure to turn heads and catch attention, the ultra shiny 3D curved back shell with 24-step coating craftsmanship and rounded-corner design not only looks super cool and futuristic, but also ensures the phone is durable and long-lasting. Made of Corning Gorilla Glass, the edge-to-edge full screen 5.5inch display provides a wider viewing angle and a more immersive browsing experience, and the 3D curved back gives you better grip, decreasing the chances of phone slips. The 3000mAh battery is sufficient for daily use, making this phone great value-for-money.

Get all your favorite music, pictures, media, apps and games, and pack them all into the S1 because the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo OS gives you the freedom and the space to do so.

A 13MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera with Beauty Face and selfie flash deliver vibrant, smooth pictures. Of course the Group Selfie function comes in handy as well, it makes the otherwise normally challenging task of taking a proper group selfie a lot easier.

This is a phone that checks all the right smart phone boxes: performance, appearance, durability, and technology! All of that and a 15 month warranty as well.

Whichever one meets your mobile usage requirements, both the E1 and the S1 deliver a great user experience backed by stet-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship.

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