Renovate and Set the Mood


Subtle, organic, mellow and slightly moody. Meet the color palettes that interior designers say will be defining our style throughout the coming year.

Beige is back!

After being sidelined by grey in all its variations, we can now embrace all shades of beige. From almost parchment or oatmeal through to warmer honey tones, then to caramel, taupe, ochre and even mustard yellow. The shades all team beautifully with the new matte, more subdued metal accents on accessories and lighting. Look for texture to add a touch of individuality.

Fresh as a forest

Nature turns out green in all its glorious shades, and what a choice there is. From icy mint to sage, and olive and moss to deep hunter green, all work beautifully to bring an organic feel to any space. Relaxing, subtle and unquestionably elegant, this color could be your top pick for 2020.

Warm up with red 

Think of rich spices, the dying embers of a fire, the beauty of autumn leaves. There is nothing like a touch of red to add coziness and charm to a room. Muted shades of smudgy pink flow towards russet tones and pops of deep berry, with a spectrum of colors in between to bring excitement to your home.

Oh. how we love the blues

Talk about teal, but keep it subdued. Capture the tone of the ocean on a winter’s day, or the pale blue of a spring sky. Or go confident with cobalt. There is no end to how blue can be used to bring visual impact into your home this coming year.

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