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Q & A with Reform Pilates Studio

CWM: What is covered in your classes?

We run pilates classes, with or without apparatus, and they are all special ! Pilates is a system, so floor and apparatus work complement each other to achieve the ultimate goal of realigning the spine and improving one’s posture. All classes are a complete workout, targeting spinal movement in all directions and planes and all muscular groups. The apparatus can either support or challenge the floor work depending on the student level and the goal of the class.

What are the benefits of using the reformer with pilates?

The reformer is a great piece of equipment and is the most popular machine in the pilates system. It’s easy to use and very effective but at the same time requires precision and concentration. People usually get addicted and attend classes regularly so they see results very quickly. Benefits of not just the reformer work, but the whole system, are a pain free posture, muscle balance, lean and toned body, improved flexibility. Joseph Pilates used to say that a 30 year old person with a stiff spine is older than a 70 years old with a flexible spine and it’s true. The benefit of this system are great in the long run, with a minimal risk of injury. What many don’t know is that pilates is a great support system to any sport. By teaching correct movement patterns and alignment it  is being used by professional sports teams worldwide as training method. Because of the extensive education of the instructor and the anatomical based approach it is also a great workout for seniors, pre and post-natal and post-rehabilitation patients.

How long is each class?

All our sessions are 55 minutes.

How many sessions  are needed before the client will notice a change in their  body?

Changes can happen very quickly, it depends on the constitution of the person and what results we are talking about. Improvement in the execution and ability of performing more advanced exercises may take several weeks, improvement in flexibility is usually very quick and a general “better look” is also quick. Any postural related pain like lower back pain or neck strain due to office work or driving finds immediate relief in just three or four sessions.

How many people can participate in the reformer pilates class?

We can accommodate up to six people in both studios.

What should the client expect in the class?

They should expect to get a good total body workout and to work harder that they expeced! Pilates is not about relaxation or breathing as many think, is about hard work, precision and controlled movements. The workout is barefoot and the instructor doesn’t demonstrate to the class which is often a surprise. Participants should expect to be corrected during the whole session even in the slightest details. Understanding the correct movement pattern is crucial to obtain results, which is why the instructor is watching the class all the time and not demonstrating. They are expected to book their session in advance, to arrive on time and give their full concentration during the whole hour.

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