Red Thai Beef Curry



250 gm fillet steak

20 gm Thai curry paste

10 ml pineapple juice

10 ml full-cream cooking cream

30 ml coconut milk

1 gm salt

1 gm white pepper

1 gm black pepper

10 ml olive oil

20 ml New Zealand butter

5 gm white onion

5 gm celery

3 gm corn flour

125 glass noodles


Place cooked fillet on a plate and season with salt, black pepper and olive oil.


Place a pan on medium heat, add the New Zealand butter.

Add chopped white onions and celery to heated butter and allow to cook.

Then add the Thai curry paste, stir thoroughly until all ingredients are mixed properly

Add coconut milk, stirring thoroughly, followed by the pineapple juice, mix and leave it on the heat until it simmers.

Next add the corn flour, stir continuously until the sauce thickens.

Season with salt and white pepper.

Then finally pour in the cooking cream, mixing it in gently.

Glass Noodles:

Place glass noodles in a pot of boiling water until they soften.

How to serve the dish:

Slice the fillet steak into long slices and add it to the sauce, stirring for 5 minutes over low heat.

Place 100 gm of glass noodles onto the serving plate, then add the slices of fillet steak and pour the sauce over.

Garnish with the remaining 25 gm of glass noodles and serve.

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