10 Places to Donate Your Extra or Unwanted Items


De-cluttering done? So, what can you do with the heap of items in good condition that are no longer useful for you? Remember, there are loads of people out there who could really give them a good home. Then comes the mountain of papers, glass jars, plastic and cans? Who can make use of them? Check out these options, for non-perishables recycling, clothing and book donations or selling on consignment. Donations in Egypt

| CLOTHING | Donations in Egypt

Banati Foundation
Tel: 0120 003 1800
Facebook:  Banati.Foundation
Website: www.banatifoundation.org

The Space (Clothing Consignment)
Tel: 0101 118 8539
Address: Building 14 Street 210 Degla, Maadi
Facebook: thespaceegypt

Egyptian Clothing Bank
Tel: 16060
Facebook: egyclothingbank
Website: www.egyptianclothingbank.com


The Vanished Library (for used books)
Address: 2 Road 12, Maadi, Cairo
Facebook: thevanishedlibrary

Al-Maadi Used Books Donations in Egypt
Address: 29 Road 9, Thakanat al-Maadi Metro Station
Facebook: Maadi.Usedbooks


SFS Recycling
Tel: 0109 501 7852
Facebook/ Instagram: sfsrecyclingteam

Go Clean
Tel: 01066666555
Facebook: gocleaneg
Website: www.gocleaneg.com

Go Green
Facebook/ Instagram: gogreenme

Men Jadeed
Tel: 01015822120
Facebook: MenJadeed

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