Preserving Traditional Arabic Calligraphy


Markaz in Zamalek played host last month to a stunning exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy or Khatt. Works by leading masters and teachers of this art, Mohamed Hassan and Ahmed Fahd, were on display for a period that had to be extended due to a high level of public interest and appreciation. Both calligraphers share their skills through lessons which are available at Dar Medad in Giza. This is the first institute in Cairo to be solely dedicated to courses in Arabic Calligraphy, and was funded by professors who have studied the art to enable them to deliver their knowledge to a greater number of people. Importantly, there is a structured curriculum taught in the institution aimed at enhancing the best in its students, while from the cultural side there are also exhibitions and seminars aimed at broadening the knowledge of Arabic Calligraphy. The institute also has the special tools required for calligraphy, in addition to books on the subject that are not commonly found in bookstores. The courses cover different schools of Arabic Calligraphy that date back to the 10th Century. Students can learn to master Rekka, Dewani, Naskh and many other styles in 8-session courses for each style. The courses are supplemented with one or two-day workshops in which students can apply their new skills. Due to the high level of interest, Markaz may hold a follow-up exhibition in the not so distant future. Look for details on their Facebook page: www.

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