Preserving our Heritage Tile by Tile


Creating Iconic Spaces with The Nile Co

Pockets of Cairo still bear vestiges of a glorious past, where architecture and interiors captured the essence of a city that was known as a hub of cultural and artistic expression. Distinctive tiles were one of the elements that gave edifices their own stamp and identity, and until today they can still be found tucked away in ageing villas and landmark downtown buildings.

Meeting a nostalgic call for quality tiles to evoke the gracious style of yesteryear, The Nile Co has developed an eclectic range of tiles and paving for interior and outdoor design statements. Using traditional methods, the handmade tiles impart an authenticity that reflects craftsmanship and skills handed down through generations.

Outdoor paving comes in a myriad of options, including environmentally-friendly cement tiles to meet the needs of the savvy home-owner. Textures and finishes range from granite to quartz, pebble to subtle patterns. A designer’s dream, The Nile Co showroom is a haven for any decorator, and even more exciting, there is also the option of creating customised products to fulfil the dream.

Let inspiration take flight, indulge your hidden decorating talents, and create your own part of history.

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