Pomme de Pain


Pomme de Pain for French cuisine in Nasr City. The name is a mix that plays around with the French word for pine cone (pomme de pin), and the French word for bread (pain).

Concept: Pomme de Pain is originally a French quick on-the-go sandwich spot. However here in Egypt, the concept has re-adapted to suit the market needs. In Egypt, Pomme de Pain serves as a café, restaurant and patisserie.

Pomme de Pain depends mainly on the concept of fait maison (home-made). Their bread and bakery items are baked on site and their ingredients are extremely fresh. Some items are even imported. Food quality and safety is of extreme importance.


Opening hours: 10:00 am – Midnight (City Stars)

Address: City Stars Mall, Phase 1, Ground Floor, Nasr City, Cairo

Tel: 011 29922570

Website: www.pommedepain.fr

Facebook page: Pomme de Pain Egypte

Instagram: pommedepainegypte


Type of Cuisine: French

Licensed or not: No. But Pomme de Pain offers a variety of fresh cocktails including their ‘Detox Fresh’ (freshly squeezed Kiwi and cucumbers mixed with soda and ice), smoothies, fresh juice and coffee (hot and cold).

Signature Dishes: Definitely their sandwiches and desserts. Pomme de Pain takes great pride in their quality and fresh ingredients. This is most evident in their house baguette, and their desserts.

Kids’ Menu: Yes, a kids’ menu is available.


Dishes Sampled: We tried a variety of cold and hot sandwiches. Sandwich Villageous (a tender grilled chicken strips sandwich), Sandwich Genereux (strips of smoked turkey on a layer of grana cheese & mayonnaise paired with fresh tomatoes and lettuce in crisp, freshly baked baguette), Sandwich L’orientale (authentic curry chicken beautifully marinated in coconut milk with a mix of colored pepper and lettuce in freshly-baked briochon) and Sandwich Grilladine (minced beef layered on melted emmental cheese and lettuce, topped with sauce béarnaise in briochon bread. Other dishes such as fillet with sautéed vegetables are also on offer.

The Pomme de Terre (baked potato) was baked to perfection, with your choice of toppings in addition to sour cream.

The dessert was the perfect culmination of our visit. The Flan was an amazing blend of flavors and textures that all work together. There are three types of Eclairs, but we gave the caramel éclair a try. It was divine, extremely fresh with caramel topping and banana filling.

We also tried the Fromage Blanc (cheesecake) with Apple Cinnamon. Presented in a cup, the layers of fresh cream and apple cinnamon were another magnificent blend of flavor and texture.

Décor/ambiance: the décor is simple, light, and welcoming giving a fresh, morning oriented feel.

Home Delivery: Pomme de Pain currently delivers to the offices in the mall around them (Galleria and City stars) and plan to have home delivery soon. Moreover, they present corporate offers and offer a 20% discount to all their customers who work at City Stars. Pomme de Pain also offers corporate catering.

Clientele Mix: This place suits everyone. Whether you’re a student or employee who wants to grab a quick coffee and breakfast, a family going out for lunch or a group of friends who want to treat yourselves to some Haute-cuisine, this is the place to be.

Price range: Sandwiches may seem fairly expensive. That is due to their high quality ingredients (some of which are imported). However, Pomme de Pain overcomes this factor by offering some very reasonable combo offers.

Ramadan: Pomme de Pain is getting ready for Ramadan. A set menu will be prepared as well as some delightful tailor-made desserts.

Top Tip: Don’t fill up … leave some space for dessert.

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