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Sell, Trade, Donate or Simply De-Clutter

By Hilary Diack

Wardrobe overflowing? Cupboards need sorting out? Tripping over the kids’ toys? All signs that a serious down-sizing of unneeded items is in order. You can turn some items that are still relatively new into cash, or simply donate them and have the benefit of knowing that someone else will be able to put them to good use. Our choice of links worth checking out follows below:

Bikya Book Café

Bikya has become a cultural hub where art, literature, music, and knowledge mesh with second-hand books. A perfect home for books you have already enjoyed!

CSA (Community Services Association)

CSA in Maadi supports local women entrepreneurs and charitable organizations through sales of items in the Village Gift Shop or donation of clothes through La Boutique consignment store.


Your donation of second-hand items helps EpiscoCare combat poverty in two ways. The second-hand items they receive will be sold very cheaply to beneficiaries at their Community Development Centres in the poor local communities, allowing marginalized people to buy things they otherwise would not have been able to buy. At the same time, the money earned on second-hand sales is used in EpiscoCare’s programs, thereby supporting their empowering efforts by equipping people with basic skills, education and health care.



The helpers at ESMA animal shelter work untiringly to care for homeless pets. The shelter survives on donations from the community, so any items of good used clothing and unneeded furniture are appreciated by the staff and their young families.

Freecycle Cairo

If you have something to sell, give away or exchange, or are looking for something, this Facebook page is for recycling any items within Cairo, to the benefit of the environment and your wallet. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


Karama is a community charity development that seeks to assist homeless individuals living on the streets in Egypt.

Kayan Charity

Kayan is a non-profit organisation, based in Cairo, whose mission is to make the life of children with special needs in Egypt better. Donations for Kayan can be in the form of clothes, vehicles or money.


RecycloBekia is an electronic waste recycling company based in Egypt and serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. RecycloBekia gets engaged in the collection of e-waste products ending with the creation of high-quality secondary raw materials, which limit the extraction and the impoverishment of new raw materials.


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