Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & your Dog


Two Centers Providing Expert Care in Cairo

By Hilary Diack

We all know what a great help physiotherapists can be when we need to restore our bodies to fitness after an accident or illness. Sometimes it may be ‘tough love’ but the end result makes the discomfort and effort worthwhile. So, when a much-loved family pet is in the same situation, what can we do? Cairo West Magazine went to Hashem El Danadarawy  of  EASTWIND Wellness and Fitness Center in 6th Oct., and  EmadEldin Kamel of Happy Paws in Mokattam to learn more.

CWM: Please tell us about the physiotherapy program at EASTWIND Wellness & Fitness Center.

HD: The center was founded in 2011 in cooperation with Physiodog-Academy and provides all related fitness activities for a healthy dog, from weight control and endurance activities to muscle building. The fitness service is provided through the sponsorship of SUPER DOG supplements. It is located at EASTWIND Kennels, a 10-feddan facility in 6th Oct.

What was your reason for setting up the center?

I believe that the physical wellness of dogs is a highly neglected issue due to a lack of awareness in the dog community.

What are the most common treatments requested?

The EASTWIND supervising vet along with the case-referring vet, decide the most suitable therapy for the dog. The therapy could be a post-operative procedure or a preventative one depending on the age and condition of the dog.

What services do you have?

The center offers two types of services: physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and a fitness program for physical toning and muscle building. The physiotherapy treatment covers functional and exercise rehabilitation through soft-tissue techniques, joint techniques and electro-therapy. The center also offers hydrotherapy sessions with the use of hydro-treadmill and exercise pool.

Do you have a qualified vet overseeing all therapies?

Through a program of education offered by Physiodog, three of EASTWIND’s therapists have received a two-year program certification and we expect EASTWIND to be a fully accredited center by mid-2016.

CWM: Emad, what can you tell us about Happy Paws?

EK: We are a rehabilitative and canine health center located in Mokkatam.

What are the main benefits for a dog receiving rehabilitative therapy?

The goal of physical rehabilitation therapy for animals is to improve the quality of life and decrease or completely remove pain by strengthening and supporting the small muscles.

What type of injuries and systemic problems do you most commonly encounter?

Hip dysplasia is common in German Shepherds and Rottweilers, and torn ligaments in the knee are common in Retrievers. We also see joint dislocations and muscle separations in many cases.

Does the therapy also have positive psychological benefits for dogs?

Yes of course, some cases that come to us don’t trust people or other animals, but through our program the dog’s personality can be changed. They can become calmer when interacting with other dogs and also friendlier with people.

How long is the average course of treatment?

Each case has its own treatment program, according to the condition we receive the dog in. But we can say most cases can be treated within three months.

What treatment facilities do you have at Happy Paws Center?

– Therapeutic laser and cryotherapy

– Acupuncture and electro-acupuncture

– Treadmill and underwater treadmill

– Hydrotherapy swimming pool

– Clinic

– Open area of land for running and walking

– Behavior rehabilitation and training

– Gymnastic ball and trampoline

Please note that soon there will be a digital x-ray, with layout within four seconds, and 3D sonar for veterinarian use, in addition to a special MRI machine for dogs and cats.

How long is required for each session?

Rehabilitation sessions with therapeutic laser and cryotherapy to decrease pain and inflammation take 15 minutes each, per day. A session with acupuncture takes from 30 to 45 minutes a day, according to the level of the injury. Infrared waves need from 15 to 30 minutes a day, and rehabilitation sessions with hydrotherapy (swimming pool, underwater treadmill) from 25 to 30 minutes, each case has its own program according to the level of injury. We also provide rehabilitation sessions with impacted spring treadmill for a maximum period of 45 minutes per day. Rehabilitation sessions with electro acupuncture for muscle stimulation should be 15 to 30 minutes per day, according to the condition of the injury.

We have special rehabilitation sessions with gymnastic ball and trampoline for paralyzed or blind dogs lasting 45 to 50 minutes.

Do you have a qualified vet overseeing all treatments?

Yes, we have qualified specialist veterinarians coordinating all therapies.


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