Peach and Citrus Infused Salmon Accompanied by a Peach Jelly



2 pieces of salmon fillet

1 cup fresh orange juice

1 cup grape juice

Fresh rosemary

Brown sugar

Peach jelly

Salt and pepper to taste



Lala Rosa Lettuce

Baby rocket


Green onion

Red and yellow peppers

Two small leeks

Light vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper).



One orange



For the Salmon:

Marinate the salmon in fresh orange juice and grape juice, add salt, pepper and rosemary to taste.

Heat a skillet until very hot.

Dust the salmon with brown sugar on the presentation side then grill till medium.

Brush with peach jelly.


For the Greens:

Soak Lala Rosa Lettuce in an ice bath with baby rocket, cucumber, green onion, red and yellow pepper curls. Grill the sliced leeks. Drizzle with a little vinaigrette.

Slice the orange and crisp well in the oven.


Plate, serve and enjoy.


Peach Jelly (Simple Version)

Purée the flesh of one fresh peach, or two canned halves.

If using fresh peaches lightly simmer the purée in a pan with a little sugar until moisture is reduced. Prepare a basic peach jelly from a packet; gently stir in cooled peach purée when the jelly is nearly set.

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