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Paul Cafe is one of the best French bakery/breakfast place in Mall of Arabia.

Type of cuisine:  Top-notch French bistro, café and bakery delights.

History: Established in 1889 in the city of Croix in Northern France, Paul is now a global name. It has maintained its impeccable standards and consistently impressive menu offerings throughout its widespread locations.

Signature dishes:

Paul is renowned for its great fillet steaks, home-baked bread, and a totally decadent range of Viennoiserie (addictive pastry items like mini pain au chocolat, croissants and brioche). Its’ éclairs can also be considered amongst the best in town.

Dishes sampled:

We had popped in for brunch, so a fresh juice seemed a good way to start. The lemon came chilled, without ice, and was not too sweet. The mango-kiwi combination was just as refreshing, and provided a guilt-free element to what was going to be an indulgent feast. Choosing from the broad selection of breakfast items, we opted for the Oeufs Pochés Aux Avocats, perfectly poached eggs served on a bed of baby spinach and sliced avocado, all resting on a brioche slathered in cream cheese and dill. Oh, and let’s not forget the liberal dollop of sauce hollandaise that added a bit of a ‘zing’.

Helped down by a couple of Paul’s rich croissants, one cheese and the other almond, it was a substantial start to the day. The croissants, be warned, are freshly warmed, rich and buttery, and melt-in-the-mouth. Stopping at one could be a challenge.

We lingered over coffee, and throwing caution to the winds, shared a massive slice of Forêt-Noire gâteau. Oh, yes, we sneaked in a slice of Flan Nature, a delicious custard tart as well, how could we overlook that! The Forêt-Noire gâteau tasted every bit as good as it looked, the rich dark chocolate was a superb quality, the chantilly cream as fresh as could be, and the creamy chocolate mousse was set off nicely by the slightly sharp edge of the dark cherries. Again, thumbs up for getting the right level of sweetness, nothing cloying or heavy, just a quick visit to gastronomic paradise. The Flan Nature seems to be a best-seller as well, no surprises there, it was great.

Other menu options that appealed:

Looking at a further brunch date, we have ear-marked the Oeufs Benedict Au Saumon, a classic that we know Paul will do superbly.

Décor: Your quintessential French bistro, traditional, with an authentic 1889 feel. We loved the attention to detail, the cutlery and crockery are based on the originals, and added a lot to the total brunch experience.


Even though we chose to visit the Mall of Arabia outlet, we were not distracted by passing foot traffic or noise. There was an agreeable balance between privacy, and the visual entertainment of watching the Mall come to life with early shoppers.

Beverages available:

A great range of fresh juices, both hot and frappé coffee options, as well as a good selection of teas. Paul even has its own special blend.


Paul has a brisk takeaway business, especially for its bakery and cake items. Some catering facilities are available, and plans are in the works for a home-delivery service in the not too distant future.

Clientele mix:

Ladies who brunch, also a perfect spot for getting together with friends, or lunching with someone special. It can’t fail to impress.

Price range:

Moderate, but you will be tempted to push the boat out and order a feast.

Address: Check our Address Book for Cairo locations


Twitter: PAUL Egypt (@PAUL_Egypt)


Instagram: paularabia


Locations:  For Address Book

PAUL City Stars. (Open from 9:00 am – midnight)

PAUL Downtown Mall. (Open from 9:00 am – midnight)

PAUL Gezirat Al Arab. (Open from 9:00 am – midnight)

PAUL Mall of Arabia. (Open from 9: 00 am – midnight)

PAUL Cairo Festival City. (Open from 9: 00 am – midnight)

PAUL Korba – 15, Baghdad St. (Open from 9: 00 am – midnight)

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