By Nadeen Abdel Hady


Name of Venue: Oliveto

Concept: Think of a family-run restaurant in Italy, where everything is homemade with good natural ingredients, from breadsticks to pasta.

Ambiance: It feels like a family-run restaurant in a piazza in Tuscany with its stone floors and wood-fired pizza oven. The red brick wall and old sewing machine table give it a cozy home-like warmth. It has a simple design, with careful attention to detail. Small flour sacks for the bread sticks and a plant-lined wall make sure everyone feels the Italian charisma the restaurant embodies.

Opening hours: 10 am to last order at 12 am.

Address: Westown Hub, Beverly Hills, 6th of October

Tel: 0102 100 0888

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/olivetoegypt

Type of cuisine:  Homemade, authentic  Italian. Oliveto offers a wide range of traditional wood-fired pizzas, light but tasty appetizers, heart-warming (or cooling!) soups, wonderfully cooked pastas and main courses, as well as rich, delicious desserts.

Beverages: Great fresh juices, soft drinks and an excellent hot and cold coffee selection. Must try the Oliveto special mocktail with orange, strawberry and a secret ingredient!

Signature dishes: Traditional pizzas with special thin crust, freshly made mozzarella and well-seasoned sauce made with fresh tomatoes. Seafood is also an Italian specialty that Oliveto has mastered; with an emphasis on freshness and on showing respect for its delicate flavors.

Dishes sampled: 

Appetizer: We tried a Caprese Salad with soft, fresh mozzarella and a flavor-packed pesto sauce that opened up our appetite and taste buds.

Pizza: We followed that with a traditional pizza topped with hand-selected vegetables such as grilled mushroom, bell pepper, zucchini, as well as light mozzarella and a special pizza sauce. The dough was incredibly thin and light, but still packed an exquisite taste that made it highly exceptional, not your standard fare.

Entrée: We were served a splendid ravioli on steak, with mushroom and the house specialty ravioli sauce. The beef was tender and juicy, and soaked up the mushroom sauce well, while the pasta ravioli was cooked to perfection, and its filling of ricotta and mint was well balanced.

Dessert: Although we felt full, seeing the cheesecakes inspired us. They melted at the touch of the spoon. The crust was soft and rich, while the natural raspberry and peach sauces gave an extra flavor punch to the creamy, lush cheese. An absolutely mouth-watering delight.

Other menu options that appealed: A hearty lasagne that reminded me of my trip to Italy, and the often talked about seafood platters.

Décor: Simple and chic, with a red brick wall on one side and a green plant wall on the other giving it a cozy feel. It also carries through the traditional vibe by using old sewing machine tables instead of regular table. Colorful glass bottles, potted plants, and hand drawn chalkboard designs give it a quirky appeal as well.  The outdoor area is casual and lively.

Home delivery: No, but you can take away meals.

Clientele mix: From mature to very young, everyone enjoys the friendly environment, as if they’re at a friend’s garden party. There is even a mini-chef counter for the kids to try making their own pizza dough.

Price range: Average, with the most expensive dish being steak.

Top tip: Try the mouth-watering cheesecake with rich, fresh fruit flavors, nothing from a can here!


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