Mo Bistro


Brings its Culinary Wonders to Telal and aims to be one of the best restaurants in Sa7el.


Concept: Accessible fine dining in a friendly and casual atmosphere


Type of cuisine: “Ingenuity” is the name of the game. Using ingredients in a novel and imaginative way. If we had to label it, we’d call it Creative Fusion.


Signature dishes: Flank Steak, Short Ribs, Crispy Skin Fillet of Sea Bass, Beef Fettuccini Saffron.


Dishes sampled: Momo, owner of Mo Bistro spoiled us silly on this expedition. Dish after dish of mind-blowing flavors and textures descended upon our table like a food avalanche. We started with the Roasted Bone Marrow, not something you will see on a menu anywhere. Specially butchered bone cuts with juicy bone marrow, oven-roasted with herbs, accompanied by caramelized onions, sea-salt, and toasted soft bread. A wondrous start to a meal that (eventually) left us entirely incapacitated.


Next came the Salmon Roll, made up of spinach sheets wrapped around smoked salmon, and cream cheese, topped with black caviar on a small piece of crunchy toast. A truly sublime bite! The famous Beetroot Salad and Zucchini Salad followed. What intrigued about the Zucchini Salad was the dressing, made of physalis sauce, otherwise known as “harankash”!! With almost no time to catch our breath, the Zesty Salmon made a grand entrance to blow our taste buds away. A grilled salmon fillet made with a lemon juice, orange zest and orange juice sauce, served with mashed sweet potato with orange zest and the most perfectly al dente spinach! Farfelle Rosé Sauce showed up on our table, made with a creamy tomato sauce, chicken and topped with Parmesan. But it didn’t come alone. With it came a team of pasta dishes: Fettuccini Shrimp, made with dill and a citrusy cream sauce, and Fettuccini Spinach and Caramelized Onion made with a zingy caramelized onion and balsamic sauce.


Saving the best for last… well last of the savory at least, was the Beef Fillet Bone Marrow! Beef fillet with bone marrow gravy, served with mashed potato and a reduction balsamic sauce! A must-try! Tender and perfectly cooked fillet in a sauce that gave a bit of an after-kick.


Hell-bent on inducing a food coma in us, a trio of desserts came flocking. Much anticipated was the Lemon Tart, made famous by the Cairo branch. A deconstructed lemon pie made with lemon curd paired with a sweet cream cheese and a house-made biscuit crumble topped with a quenelle of lime. The piquant flavors are an absolutely delectable palate cleanser. The Halawa Crunch also packed just the right punch, along with the Butterscotch Choux Buns that were filled with butterscotch ice cream covered with crunch caramel, caramelized popcorn and chocolate sauce…. Need we say more??


Other menu options that appealed: Smoked Lamb Ribs, Caramelized Bacon Pearls, Mediterranean Risotto, Ox Tail Freekeh, Chicken Mint, Shrimp Pataya… pretty much everything on the menu!


Beverages: Smoothies, mocktails, seasonal fresh juices, cold drinks, hot drinks.

Shisha: Shisha is served in all areas of the restaurant. Non-smokers can hardly feel the shisha smoke however, the open-air, spacious area, with open views provides great air circulation.


Décor: No nonsense, contemporary and warm. Dark brown “ahwa” chairs, light-gray marble-top tables on steel frames. The second floor has long gray sleek couches.


Ambiance: Very warm, familiar, “hustle-y bustle-y”, a good energy and a positive vibe flows through Mo Bistro. This is a restaurant through and through, doesn’t turn into a “night-spot” like most upscale Sahel eateries do.


Clientele Mix: Mainly Telal locals, although many flock to this place from resort compounds near and far. It’s the perfect stress-free dining spot. You don’t need to worry about reservations or minimum charge, and you’re guaranteed to run into people you know. All ages.


Top tip: Bring an appetite!


Price range: Same as Cairo, you get your money’s worth.


Opening hours: 11 am (special breakfast menu), until 4 am.


Address: Telal, gate 2. Located in the ‘Telalians by The Platform’ open mall, Mo Bistro occupies 2nd and 3rd floor terraces with high views of the Sahel main road, and overlooks a ground-floor fountain and diners at different restaurants below.


Telephone number: 0128 8009554 – 0128 8009664

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