Mid Munch: Sober Bar and Great Food in Midtown Mall


Mid Munch is an eclectic combination of to go sandwiches, coffee, dinner variety and sober bar all well distributed in the restaurant area. We popped in for an early lunch and some of the best food in Midtown Mall during the soft opening of the international cuisine restaurant. Here’s what we experienced at this new spot for fine dining in New Cairo.

Dishes Sampled

We began with the Spicy Chicken Soup and a creamy Mushroom Soup, both served with a slice of buttery garlic bread, followed by a delicious platter of yellow and red cheddar cheese fried sticks, accompanied by a honey mustard house sauce. The golden brown crusty sticks filled with gooey melted cheddar were finger-licking good. Our second appetizer, Beef Teriyaki, came as tender slices of premium beef, cooked medium well, slightly pinkish in the center, drizzled with a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce and garnished with green onions.

Our mains were suggestions of the house and they were spot on, a Beef Mushroom Rigatoni and Salmon Steak with green risotto. The pasta dish was divinely delicious – al dente rigatoni pasta drenched in a creamy beef mushroom sauce. Our Salmon Steak was served a tad overcooked for our taste and our green risotto was quite unusual as we would have expected a creamy, velvety dish.

For dessert we shared one of the no-bake cheesecake jars – blueberry. A deep scoop into the jar cut through the crushed cookie bottom and brought along the light creamy cheesecake filling and the blueberry topping, you will definitely not want to share yours. We finished up with a steaming hot cup to go of Brown Nose classic Brazilian coffee.

fine dining in new cairo

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Every available flavor of the cheesecake in jars. Their beverages include cold and hot drinks – exclusive retail Brown Nose Coffee, and non-alcoholic house cocktails.

Décor & Ambience

Mid Munch is easily spotted right next to the Midtown Mall’s main entrance. A wooden pergola with large glass windows is rightly situated in front of the restaurant and gives a great overview of the street and surrounding restaurants. Shisha is available in the pergola and there are screens to watch matches, and fast Wi-Fi access is available upon request.

The sandwich/sober bar area is located on the ground floor and hosts small shop shelves along the wall displaying imported chocolates and candies. There is a salad display where you can choose the toppings of your own sandwich. Well trained baristas behind the counter are ready to entertain you while brewing your next cup. Upstairs a lavish lounge area serves the fine dining menu. Velvet, a crystal chandelier even a sinking boat door are used to give a lot of character to this room.   

Clientele Mix: New Cairo university students, mall goers.

Price Range: Moderate

Contact information
Address: Midtown Mall – First Settlement – in front of AUC
Working hours: Mall hours
Tel: +2 0111 137 1113
Facebook: @midmunch.egy
Instagram: @midmunch.egy

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