Mezzeh at Le Meridien Cairo Airport


It may look like your average pricey hotel restaurant, but Mezzeh is anything but! We walked in to be greeted by the friendly staff, hospitality at its prime. As the Chef was expecting our visit he kindly came and introduced every single dish we were having, from the conceptualization to the special ingredients.

Dishes Sampled

Soon after we were seated we were offered a basket of warm pita bread (a staple of every Lebanese meal) accompanied by a trio of aromatic oils and sauces to dip our bread into. A favorite pastime while waiting for our drinks and skimming through the menu.

Our starters consisted of the typical cold dips, however with a twist. Chef Hendawy created a contrast of cold and warmth in these dips, like the Mutabel – mashed smoked eggplant, tahini and lime juice, presented topped with beef strips, slices of roasted bell peppers and sprinkled with crushed pistachio. The Fattoush salad was served with long finger cuts of grilled, slightly golden halloumi cheese, drizzled with molasses dressing and the Muhammara dip was served with three generous grilled shrimp. Our appetizers were followed by an assortment of three mini doughnut shaped falafel, three Kibbeh over a thick coat of garlic paste; and small bites of Musakhan rolls – wrapped filo pastry, filled with shredded roast chicken, garnished with thinly sliced grilled red onions; and a portion of Makanek – mini lamb sausages braised with lemon and pomegranate sauce, topped with crushed pistachios.

No less impressive and appetizing were our main dishes. We shared two mains: Lamb Kofta and Dawood Basha. The succulent lamb dish was given a twist by being served with cranberry sauce – giving it a pleasantly sweet dimension. The classic meatballs braised in tomato sauce are a certain crowd pleaser. Needless to say, our Dawood Basha dish was served in a clay pot covered with oven baked dough. Once the dough is cut through a piping aroma of the tomato sauce and meat fills the air. We skipped the rice and savored this classic by dipping in the bread to soak in the sauce. We ended our lunch in blissful sweetness, namely a fresh gooey Kunafa, straight from the oven. The crispy browned filo pastry filled with cheesy cake, drizzled with sugar syrup and crushed pistachio is a match made in heaven.

Beverages Available

Cold and hot drinks with a full-fledged bar.

Décor and Ambience

The restaurant is sleek and modern just like the hotel. Dark wood and leather seats give the interior a sober atmosphere, with columns, open niches and partitions separating the long hall into smaller, intimate dining areas. A large window guarantees a good view of the open kitchen.

Clientele Mix: Business lunch-dinner goers, hotel guests.

Price Range: High end.

Worth Noting: The terrace has a nice overview of the pool.


Contact Information

Address: Le Meridien Cairo International Airport, Heliopolis  

Working Hours: Daily from 12:30 pm to 1 am  

Tel: + 20 2 22659600

Facebook/ Instagram: @lemeridiencairoairporthotel

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