Local Guide to Buying Healthy Organic, Gluten-free & More


It’s great to learn about the latest in health foods (and believe it or not, most have been around for centuries), but tracking them down in Cairo can be quite a task. To make it easier for you Cairo West Magazine has compiled a quick guide to finding those in-demand products!

Quinoa: The grain that is taking the world by storm, it has been a staple food in South America for years. Quinoa is the only plant food that has all the essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, and also the ability to adapt to different ecological environments and climates. Resistant to drought, poor soils and high salinity, it can be grown from sea level to an altitude of four thousand meters and can withstand temperatures of between -8 and 38 degrees Celsius. Recent trials of growing it in Egypt have shown positive results, so it may become more readily available in a short time. In the meantime, you should be able to get it at the listed outlets. According to FAO the year 2013 was declared the ‘International Year of Quinoa’ in recognition of the crucial role quinoa can play in eradicating world hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Chia Seeds: Rich in Omega-3 and fibre, Chia seeds are one of the best known sources of essential fatty acids with nearly two-thirds being comprised of Omega-3 as ALA. They are also an excellent source of Omega-6 vitamins minerals antioxidants dietary fibre and protein. These seeds can be eaten on their own or added to salads cereals yogurts etc. to boost nutritional content.

Flax Seeds: Flax seed, also known as linseed, is one of the ancient crops cultivated since Mesopotamian times, grown for its oil seeds, and fibre. The chewy seeds are packed with full of nutrients, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins.

Kale: This relative of the cabbage family is on a lot of shopping lists these days. No wonder, it is full of nutrients and great health benefits. One cup of chopped kale has 134 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Kale is actually a great source of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), the omega-3 fatty acid that’s essential for brain health, it reduces Type 2 diabetes risk and boosts heart health as well. Kale has 133 percent of a person’s daily vitamin A requirement – more than any other leafy green, and also has more calcium than milk.

Kale has plenty of phytonutrients, things like quercetin – which helps combat inflammation and prevents arterial plaque formation – and sulforaphane, a cancer-fighting compound. But many of its top health-promoting compounds are rendered more effective when you eat the stuff in combination with another food. Fats like avocado, olive oil or even parmesan can make fat-soluble carotenoids more available to the body. And acid from lemon juice helps make kale’s iron more bioavailable as well.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, the following list gives an idea of what you can find and where, links have been provided. Don’t forget to check out the local Farmer’s Markets that are popping up all over town.

Cookies & More

Their range of baked goods includes gluten-free and vegan products.


Dina Farms

With several outlets in Cairo, Dina Farms offers a good range of fresh local dairy and meat products.


Dr. Hani’s Pharmacy

They stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of dietary supplements in town, including probiotics, biotin and spirulina.


Egyptian Hydrofarms

Using locally developed hydroponic growing technology, they grow lettuce, kale, and herbs directly in PH-balanced water that is enriched with the perfect amount of nutrients. Their products are available through Gourmet stores and Seoudi supermarket in Sheikh Zayed.


El- Demirdash Organic Honey

El-Demirdash produces natural honey and honeycomb from both orange and clover blossom.


El Kitchen Garden

Healthy vegetables grown without chemicals or pesticides. Available at Nun Center’s Saturday Farmer’s Market.


Family Honey

Good for natural raw honey, honey products and health supplements.


Fino’s Nut Butters

Homemade nut butters with no additives, sugar, oil or salt.



Another good source for natural nut butters.


Health Harvest

Chain stores in Egypt selling macrobiotic foods, imported gluten-free and organic products.


Imtenan Health Shop

A large local specialty retailer of nutritional products and natural supplements. Their range of products includes diet and energy products, extracts, herbal teas, functional foods and other specialty supplements for sports nutrition. Digestion will be easy with Super Fibers Psyllium Husk as it cleans your colon and helps getting rid of toxic minerals, now available.


Makar Farms

Makar Farms grows a variety of products which are available depending on the season. Products include normally hard-to-find varieties of lettuce, endive, herbs, tomatoes, kale and broccoli.


Minnie’s Dried Fruit and Vegetables

You can find a good variety of sundried fruit and vegetables, also available at Nun Center’s Farmers’ Market.


Nature’s Gifts Stores

A great source for organic fresh fruits and vegetables, gluten-free baking products, aquaponic vegetables, as well as supplements and condiments. They have the range of Kheir Misr products as well. You will find organic quinoa, flax seed and flax oil.



A handy on-line service with delivery. Their product range includes a lot of organic and aquaponic items.



Best known for their selection of natural herbal teas which are readily available from major supermarkets.


Signature Foods

Their signature products are homemade with fresh, premium, whole unprocessed ingredients. Check out the nut butters.


Souna Farms

A producer of mushrooms, endive and supplier of salmon.


Superfood Egypt

Provider of organic, vegan, gluten- free, non–GMO foods, snacks, supplements, superfoods and natural beauty products. A good source for raspberry ketone, USN Pure Protein GF-1, chia seeds, organic quinoa, organic red quinoa, pure stevia extract powder, almond butter, cashew butter, almond milk, coconut milk and many more similar items.

Their stock of foods and supplements is virtually endless, we recommend checking out their Facebook page.


TBS Bakeries

Their bakeries are available in several locations around Egypt. They have a great range of freshly baked products, including wholegrain items.


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