Let’s Get Cozy: Hot Bedroom Trends for 2019


When temperatures plummet, the best place to be is snuggled up somewhere warm. Make sure your bedroom is the haven you deserve! With a style update, you will never want to leave…

Cool White

Create your own snow palace with a crisp white palette. It is so big these days. Muddy neutrals have made way for a fresher look. Don’t forget an essential punch of color to set it all off.

Jewel Tones

Lose the beige and inject some glamour
with vibrant rich pops of color.


From pretty chintz to flamboyant blooms, flowers are everywhere, from bedcovers and curtains to walls. Even a simple room can get a lift with a pretty vase of flowers.

Boho vibe

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and inject a few quirky personal touches.


Sleep in style; these have made a major comeback.


Add a touch of luxury with a few well-placed tassels. Just don’t overdo it.

Go for comfort

Invest in a seriously plush floor rug. Cold bedroom floors are such a no-no.

The right

Most important of all, you want a mattress that gives you great lumbar support.

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