Kiki’s Beach Bar at Hacienda White


With a stunning view of the beach, Kiki’s is the ultimate definition of a beach bar. With your toes in the sand and a cocktail in your hands, its unparalleled vibrancy gives it its well-deserved fame. We were fortunate to sit down with Chef Wessam Massoud who is in charge of the menu concept for the second year running. This summer, his idea was to give Kiki’s a more Latin flavor and a sense of humor. Aiming to be one of the best restaurants in sa7el, expect to find bar snacks named Icarus Wings, Kiki Vs Buba, or a dessert named KG-1 (Lotus layer cake).

Type of cuisine: Tapas – Mediterranean

Dishes Sampled

We started off with a pleasant, refreshing Watermelon and Ricotta Salad, prepared with chunks of infused watermelon and served with fresh ricotta. The watermelon infusion process uses vacuum sealing, which guarantees an extra dimension to the dish and brings a more vibrant color to the fruit. Our salad came topped with pesto, mint leaves, black olives, tossed nigella seeds and a good drizzle of olive oil. A fresh start, before we moved on to a real treat of bar snacks.

Our picks included fried calamari, octopus, prawns, chicken wings, and a sample of one of the signature plates, Chimichurri Beef. The Calamari Fritto is a Mediterranean classic and makes an excellent and easy bite appetizer. Crispy and savory, this deep fried baby squid portion was served with tartar sauce. The Pulpo Estufado consisted of braised octopus pieces, delicate and tender, enhanced by halves of cherry tomatoes and capers. It was served with a robust hollandaise sauce. The marinated jumbo prawns in the Gambasado were served preserving the shells and seasoned with lemon and smoked paprika, which gave a succulent, firm bite, with a hint of seawater. The Icarus Wings were a re-paged edition of chicken wings; this version used deep blue ink and was served with sour cream dip. Our last dish, the Chimichurri Beef was a dish fit for a king. Perfectly cooked as requested to medium, seared from the outside and slightly pink inside, it was firm and juicy, served with mini asparagus and chimichurri sauce, which is the perfect match for barbecued meat. The vinegar, fresh parsley, olive oil and red peppers counterbalanced the smoky meat to a ‘t’.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Next time, Tuna on a Stick paired with something from the O-be-Joyful drinks selection.

A full bar is available, and Red Bull seems to have influenced most of the choices.

Décor & Ambience

Kiki’s is on a quiet and secluded spot along the Hacienda White stretch. The venue is mainly open air, with high tables, cushioned lounge seats, and boat shaped sofas. The duo-tones of dark and white wood are prevalent. A light grey accent gives some refinement to the overall look. Ropes, cactus, and colorful kayaks adorn the inside. Big fans guarantee enough breeze on the hotter days. The dance floor is right on the sand with a backdrop of the beautiful open sea. Yellow umbrellas offer a dash of color on the frontline along with chaise-lounges.

Clientele mix: Sun and fun seekers, a vibrant, lively crowd.

Price range: High end.

Worth noting: Booking is quite a process. Reservations are not made through social media platforms. Interested parties are redirected to the website.


Facebook / Instagram: @kikisbeach

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