Nikkei Cuisine Comes to Sunset Boat

Fine–dining Nikkei-style comes to the Nile in this brand new and already buzzing restaurant Keji at the Sunset Boat on the Giza corniche. The Peruvian take on contemporary Japanese food is a sensation, with mouth-watering combinations of flavours and spices. Chef Carlos Fat Wong, of Chinese parentage, raised in Peru but trained in Japan, has put together a creative menu full of delicious surprises, and fresh spices prepared every morning by his team. This is one for the gourmet-food lovers out there to enjoy.

Type of cuisine: Nikkei (Peruvian/Japanese fusion)

Signature dishes: Salmon Tiradito, Plancha Octopus, Peruvian Ceviche –fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and infused with spicy flavours such as Aji Amarillo and Japanese Humdashi.

Dishes sampled: Lightly Cured Salmon with a dressing of fried onions, yoghurt, and miso with artisan honey. It was light, beautifully marinated, subtle and delicious. Beetroot Salad with bean sprouts in a spicy sweet and sour dressing. Traditional Sudado Keji: seabass in a spicy soup (see recipe), a perfect winter-warming dish. Lamb a la Parilla: Lamb cutlets coated in spicy teriyaki, served with sautéed bok choi. Keji Tiramisu Roll for dessert: a total surprise but a good one! Crispy hazelnut rolls filled with mascarpone and flavoured with cacao.

Other menu options that appealed: Toshimuchi Steamed Seabass Filet with ginger, sesame, soy and garlic; Teriyaki Lomo: Imported beef tenderloin, ginger, soy and garlic, sautéed Portobello mushroom and spinach.

Beverages: An amazing selection of Keji’s own freshly made and creative concoctions, such as the ‘Spicy Sour’ with pisco acholada infused with red chili peppers, fresh lime juice, homemade forest fruit oleo sacharum and aromatic spices. As well as the dramatic sounding Bloody Tiger with vodka, chili tomato and vegetable mix. There is also a regular wine list.

Décor: The interior is suave and erudite with warm, subdued lighting, a blend of Far Eastern and modern with a black, grey and gold palette, well-spaced tables on two levels and comfortable seating.

Clientele mix: Couples, small groups, corporate entertaining. A trend-setting fashionable crowd at the weekend.

Ambiance:  Sophisticated but chilled. Smooth contemporary sound track, not too loud. On the weekends the volume is turned up for a younger clubbing-style crowd.




Price range: Moderate.

Opening hours: 4pm to 1am

Address: Sunset Boat, Corniche el Giza (behind Four Seasons Hotel)

Phone number:  Reservations: 01093265311

Facebook: Keji Egypt

Instagram: Kejiegypt


Recipe: Sudado Keji


500gm seabass

40ml fish stock

200gm  tomatoes

15ml sesame oil

1g julienned spring onion

1g julienned red onion

2g minced ginger

3g minced garlic

50g Aji Amarillo paste

Hondashi seasoning

Kion spice

Ground pepper

10ml lemon juice

10ml white wine

2g chiffonade of parsley

2g chiffonade of cilantro



Heat 15 ml of sesame oil in a frying pan and lightly cook 1g of julienned spring onion, 2g of minced ginger, and 3g of minced garlic and kion spice. Add ground pepper, 10ml lemon juice and wine until alcohol evaporates; add 2g each of chiffonade parsley and cilantro, 50g Aji Amarillo paste, season with Keji flavouring. Incorporate tomatoes, hondashi seasoning and 40ml fish stock, then place the fish fillets on top. Lower the heat, cover the pan and simmer until the fish is tender. Finally add 10g julienne tomatoes and red onion. Serve with a few drops of sesame oil, and a bowl of rice.

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