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By Nahla Samaha

More and more parents are giving their kids’ nutrition thought and consideration. With awareness of the dangers of added chemicals and preservatives increasingly on the rise, many parents are working hard to balance their busy schedules with the time it takes to prepare a wholesome meal for their kids. This is where ventures like N.Republic come in. The small home-based start-up recognizes that hectic lifestyles today don’t allow for the required time it takes to prepare a balanced nutritious meal for the family. So, N.Republic does it for them. With an array of meals, snacks, and sauces made with healthy, wholesome ingredients, parents can now stock their freezer with quick-to-prepare lunches, snacks, and dinners. Cairo East Magazine chatted with founder Tarek El Dars to learn more about this food savior.



“The idea of N.Republic first came about when I had my kids,” El Dars begins to tell us, “my wife and I became interested in what to feed them. With the very busy lifestyle we led, it was very difficult to find healthy food that is easy to prepare, and that our kids were willing to eat.” It was at this point that El Dars’s wife, a child nutritionist, began experimenting with some recipes that encompassed all essential nutritional elements. With their children as their test subjects, El Dars and his wife perfected the recipes, and began offering them to their friends’ children. The recipes were a hit, especially with fussy eaters, “This is when I realized the huge need and potential for healthy food that is easy to prepare,” says El Dars, “I realized that our family challenge was a challenge for every other family as well.”

The N in N.Republic stands for Natural, Nutritious and Nourishing, while Republic is, “An imaginary country where everyone is united under the objective of healthy eating,” explains El Dars of his vision behind the brand name.

“All our recipes are unique because they are our own creation not recipes in books. And since we are fully aware of the culture and the taste that Egyptian families are used to, we are able to offer a wide range of products to suit different tastes. We have vegetarian options, lean meat options, chicken, turkey and fish as well! All with hidden vegetables inside,” says El Dars. Some of the items on offer are ready-to-serve like the oven-baked Turkey Meatballs with hidden spinach and oats, while other products are very easy to prepare like the Chicken Nuggets with hidden apples and sweet potato. “Our products, which include a red sauce , a white sauce, chicken strips, burgers, and more, all with hidden veggies and/or fruits inside are delivered frozen to ensure their safety,” says El Dars. Other non-freezer items include peanut butter, almond butter, and hazelnut butter.

“We are very pleased that our clients always tell us they can’t believe that their kids are finally eating veggies and fruit along with clean and premium ingredients. They are so happy that finally this standard of premium quality ingredients is available,” says El Dars. “It started off as kids’ food but now we are feeding the whole family which makes us so proud because we do the same at our house as well. We all eat the same kind of food together!”

N.Republic delivers everywhere in Cairo, from east to west, and this summer N.Republic delivered to the North Coast and El Gouna too.

“My family and I, we all eat from the N.republic menu, so we are very cautious about the standards of cleanliness and the quality of ingredients we use. Unlike so many food venues, our biggest investment is in the most premium and selective quality of ingredients we use. We offer you and your family the most select ingredients in the Egypt market, and if we don’t find ingredients up to standard locally, then we import them.”

N.Republic are not the only entrepreneurs to commit themselves to producing healthier eating options. Recently we have seen more and more great initiatives pop up around town.

We are listing just a few that are worth checking out, whether for gluten-free baked options, or a healthy snack ‘to go’.



Using premium ingredients from all over the world, Baked makes delicious cookies, cookie bars and healthy desserts. Delivery service is available.


Corn’n Rice

Specialized in producing high quality homemade gluten-free food, and sometimes dairy free and egg free. Corn’n Rice  eliminates wheat and gluten from a wide range of products and depends mainly on corn and rice in addition to some other types of flour that suit people following a gluten-free diet. Dairy-free and egg-free products are made upon request. Delivery is available to any location inside greater Cairo. >>

Earthly Delights

This Maadi based store offers a vegan and gluten-free catering service with whole grain, raw, dairy-alternatives, paleo, and allergen-friendly options. In their own words, “Delicious healthy food made with love.” Delivery is available on a weekly schedule.



Kcal’s mission is simple. To make the world a better place through outstanding service and healthy, fast, tasty food. Each dish is calorie-controlled and has been carefully created to comprise a perfect combination of energizing carbohydrates, complete proteins, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals. All dishes are under 300 calories, and a weekly food plan comes with a special discount. Outlets are located in Mohandessin and Sheikh Zayed, and delivery is available.



Lettuceat gives your average idea of a salad an exceptional twist. Also offering a handful of authentic dips, fresh juices  and guilt-free desserts, you can enjoy their fresh and tasty items in the warmth of your home, the comfort of your office, or the lively ambiance of their restaurant. Delivery is available.

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