Heba Mandour Brings Couture to the Streets of Zamalek


How did this photo-shoot come about, it was very daring?

I received a call from Ghada Abood telling me that her friend, Wed Khashoggi a brilliant photographer, wanted to do a photo shoot of me. I saw her work and told her that I had a certain idea in mind and as it turned out, it was exactly what Wed was thinking of. She wanted me in a big fluffy dress in an old building. I told her I want to do the photo shoot in the street instead. She loved the idea. Wed made me feel so comfortable. She is like a director who encourages the actor to perform at his best. Alaa El Tonsi is the brilliant make-up artist who got everything right for each look. Rafi did a wonderful job with my hair. Ahmed Abdalla is an amazing costume designer. The whole team worked amazingly together and there was a lot of positive energy during the shoot.

How did you feel walking the streets of Cairo in that beautiful skirt?

It was liberating! I was doing something that people might see as crazy or stupid … and I really didn’t care! The only thing that worried me was when I gave the photographer the idea we were a bit scared of being harassed. But since it was in Zamalek I felt a bit more comfortable! And I really enjoyed it tremendously… I loved the whole photo shoot!

What were people’s comments in the streets?

They were shocked, and didn’t utter a word at the beginning. Then they started shouting and asking, “Is this a movie, what are you doing?” First calling their friends to come and watch, since this area has lots of shops, cafés and restaurants … then they started taking pics with their mobile cameras.

What are your future plans?

Waiting for a good role, whether it’s a TV series or a movie. And I will start learning pole dancing and kite surfing next month.


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