Gastro Nomads – The BRGR Truck


Concept:  Gourmet burger mobile food truck which could be considered by many one of the best food trucks in Sa7el

Type of cuisine: Slider Burgers

Signature dishes: The Original Burger with their signature sauce, also used on their famous BRGR Fries.

Menu overview: The menu is essentially made up of two types of sliders (Original and Jalapeño), chicken slider, fries and chicken bites and two dessert options (Mini Dutch pancakes and ice cream softy).

Dishes sampled: We sat down on a busy Thursday afternoon to munch on the much-anticipated new items of The BRGR Truck. The menu is so concise and to the point that we were able to cover the entire menu between two people, for the first time. Two chicken items (burger and bites) and three new sauces (Honey mustard, Barbecue and Sriracha) have been recently added to the Hacienda menu.

We started off with sliders: a single Original and a single J-Bomb, accompanied by their famous BRGR fries. These sliders (smaller burgers) can be eaten in a few bites. A very distinguished characteristic of the burger is their special sauce. The patties were juicy and the burgers were light; you can easily eat more than one without slipping into a food coma. The meat to bread ratio was just perfect.

On their menu are three options of fries, BRGR fries as it comes topped with their special sauce, regular fries or cheese fries.

On the novelty side, two chicken items and three new sauces have been recently added to the Hacienda Menu. We were served Honey Mustard, Barbecue and Sriracha (a Thai style hot sauce), along with the Chicken Bites and the Chicken Burger. The Bites are small savory chicken breast cuts battered and deep-fried; so delicious and light you can eat them like popcorn. We dipped our Chicken Bites in all the new sauces but the highlight was the Sriracha sauce. Known world-wide as the Rooster Sauce, because of its label, Sriracha is made of red jalapeno. Spicy and vibrant, almost addictive, this sauce is definitely a great addition. The Chicken burger was perfectly moist and tender, and is served with a buttermilk Greek sauce.

For dessert we delved into the Mini Dutch Pancakes topped with Nutella sauce and to cool off, Vanilla Ice Cream softy, topped with Lotus sauce and the biscuit crumbles. To round off our delightful experience at The Burger Truck we walked away sipping on our aromatic iced coffees.

Top tip: Try the chicken burger with their new spicy Sriracha sauce! It is available upon request.

Décor: The BRGRTruck is located on the beach-front of Hacienda with a privilege natural view of the sea. The entirely outdoor area is made up of high dark wood tables and stools, while sets of low benches and tables for the kids are spread along the sand in front of the truck. Cords of white light bulbs hang above giving some light around sunset time. Nice plant pots line the eating area, giving a nice contrast against the color of the sand. Characteristic 60’s music complements the atmosphere and food.

Beverages:  Soft drinks and a range of coffees and ice drinks (exclusively this summer).

Clientele mix: Young vibrant crowd

Price range: Within the average for a gourmet burger

Opening hours: Hacienda 11 am to 8 pm everyday

Diplo 3 pm to 2 am weekdays and 3 pm to 5 am weekends

Address: Hacienda (beachfront) and Diplo 3 (before main gate) – North Coast


Facebook and Instagram: @thebrgrtruck

How to make a burger that will rock your summer grilling!

Before you fire up your grill there are several guidelines to follow if you want to make that perfect burger, which comes down to the quality of meat, temperature, the type of buns, and toppings.

  1. Use freshly ground beef
  2. Blending different grades of ground beef influences the burger’s texture
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different meat cuts and mixing them to find the perfect recipe
  4. After forming the meat into a roll, cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it for half an hour.
  5. Come up with a sauce of your choice
  6. Whether you are doing thin or thick patties; the seasoning will always be the most important factor
  7. After you have grilled, let the meat rest
  8. Choose your bun wisely! Freshly baked is best.
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