Galambo at Hacienda White


An authentic seafood restaurant with a stunning view, right on the sand. What could possibly be considered one of the best restaurants in Sa7el, Galambo wins for its simplicity, chilled atmosphere and perfect location (between Hacienda White and the old Hacienda). The menu is concise and straight forward. Choose from the freshest local catch of the day – squid, sardine, denise, barbouni, crab, jumbo shrimp, sea bass and more; and have them baked, grilled or fried. Couldn’t get any better.

Type of cuisine: Mediterranean Sea Food

Signature dishes: Seafood in all its glory.

Dishes Sampled

Our meal started with a selection of different salads. Aubergine with garlic and vinegar, Tarama, Tehina, Mixed Balady Salad, Beetroot Salad and a double portion of Besaria. An appetizing summery snack, very popular in the North Coast, these nibble bites of deep fried fish are eaten head to tail. Crunchy, crispy and salty, it is always a favorite. The salad portions looked rather smaller than expected at first, but were just right for two people to share.

Our fish selection consisted of Fried Calamari, Barbouni and Baked Sardine, along with a grilled Sea Bass – a special mention to the Sardine, an underrated fish that is extremely nutritious and full of flavor. The Barbouni was also so fresh that you could nearly taste the sea. Sayadeih Rice was served alongside, a winning flavor combination of rice cooked on caramelized onions and fragrant spices. When it comes to fish, the simpler the better. Our Sea Bass was grilled with lemon and olive oil. Perfection on a plate!

We could not have left without trying Galambo’s pasta selection as well, which come highly recommended. Going for Pasta Clams with wine and Pasta Bottarga (commonly known as Batarekh) was a sound choice as both dishes were outstanding, bold and packed with fresh flavors. The Pasta Clams was a tad spicy with lots of garlic, onions and extra lemon but was still simply mouth-watering. Another winner, the Spaghetti Bottarga did not fall short either, all pasta dishes can be ordered spicy or regular. Galambo has what it takes to become one of the restaurants you look forward to when summer comes around.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Would certainly try the Frutti de Mare with wine on a second visit. Beverages options include cold and hot drinks, local beer, wine, sangria and arak.

Décor & Ambience

A seafood restaurant with an elegant Mediterranean vibe, Galambo has a welcoming atmosphere. The kind of place you come to straight from the beach to indulge into a fish feast. The restaurant is divided into a dining area and a lounge – where you can sit on the lower tables and beanbags under sandy white canopies. There is an even closer to the sea seating area – under umbrellas. Wherever you are seated you can feel the pleasant breeze. Attention to detail gives the place a lot of character. Tables are covered with personalized newspaper pages, a unique retro chic touch.

Clientele mix: Lunch-goers, families, groups of friends, kid-friendly.

Price range: Moderate in view of the quality.

Worth noting: Kids’ menu.

Working hours: 1 pm – 11 pm.

Contact Information

Tel: 0100 000 4892

Instagram: galamboeg

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