Frank & Co in Maadi


Frank & Co presents a menu that is built around the concept of a tapas bar in Maadi, with a selection of fried, grilled and baked bites perfect for sharing between friends. It is a much needed alternative to all the pubs popping up around town, and offers a grown up answer for those searching for a spot of fine dining and a chill out atmosphere to wash away a busy day. We visited on a weekday evening to enjoy an after work bite.

Signature drinks and dishes: Roasted Pepper Dip with Fresh Baked Crispy Bread Bites, Baked Camembert with Honey, Rosemary, Garlic and Nuts, and Fried Olives stuffed with herb cheese.

Dishes and drinks sampled: Upon arrival, we treated ourselves to a Piña Colada and Sex on the Beach from the cocktails menu. Fruity and refreshing, our appetites were whetted and ready for a selection of dips, bites and salad to follow.

We started off with the soup of the day, a creamy and thick mushroom soup that was warm, filling, and delicious. This was followed by a selection of dips and items from the fried, grilled, and baked bites menu. The creamy cheese dip is infused with olives and zataar and topped with a generous serving of chopped pistachios giving it a nutty and a crunchy bite. The roasted pepper dip had the tiniest bit of a kick with some chili coming through, and was also topped with pistachio for that balanced palette. But what really makes the dips a lovely treat is the accompanying freshly baked bread bites that taste like the yummiest pizza crust you have ever had! You can easily run through three bowls of the bites without regretting it.

The Tikka Chicken Kale salad was an absolute winner. The tang of Granny Smith apples was perfect, along with generous helping of dark green kale and succulent chicken slices coated with tart balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Highly recommended. The Stuffed Herb Cheese Calamari was tender and juicy, with a pleasant presentation on the plate – it’s not easy to get calamari just right, but seafood lovers will enjoy this modern take on a favorite. The Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Baby Potatoes offer a light accompaniment of carbs for those in need, while the Teriyaki Glazed Chicken bites were tender and tangy. The real winners in terms of both taste and novelty were the Fried Stuffed Olives with Herby Cheese, which are a dream come true for anyone looking for a salty snack to accompany their drinks. The Shrimp Balls with Tamarind-Chili Sauce were fantastic – not too oily, with a wonderful sweet and sour sauce that could be eaten on its own – it’s that good!

We capped the evening with a cappuccino and were pleased to learn you can choose the type of coffee bean you prefer – Colombian, Kenyan, or Brazilian. The only thing missing was a touch of sweet to polish off the dining experience; we will be waiting for Frank to create an equally delicious sweet bites menu!

Other menu options that appealed: The pressed sandwiches menu all looked delicious and worth another visit to explore, in addition to the wide selection of salads, also the Indonesian Satay Chicken, the Tandoori Chicken Tenders, and the Tagliata di Manzo – Sliced Beef Rib-Eye. Frank & Co also intends to launch a breakfast menu, which is highly anticipated.

Beverage options: Full array of both alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails, local beer and wine, imported liquors, as well as fresh juices, soft drinks and hot beverages.

Décor: Comfortable and modern at the same time, the space is large and airy. Furnishing is comfy; leather seating and wooden low and high tables. The bare brick walls offer a nice earthy touch, and the lighting fixtures are conversation starters, very unique! There is bar seating for couples and solo diners, and a large outdoor seating area open until 10pm for those wanting to enjoy fresh air.

Ambience: Classy and chill. The music is just right for chitchat and not intrusive, the lights are dimmed in the evening to create a cozy atmosphere.

Clientele mix: Maadi locals, both young and older, and expats searching for an adult watering hole.

Price range:  Very affordable considering the quality.

Opening hours: 10 am to 1 am

Address: 11, Road 18, Maadi – next to Residence Hotel


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