Fitstop Your First Stop for Fitness


What is Fitstop?

Fitstop is a fitness center owned by two partners Kanzy Abdallah and Dalia El Sheikh, both certified fitness instructors with more than 15 years’ experience. Fitstop offers several workout options, including Zumba, TRX, abs, and cardio, in addition to the kids’ classes and mummy classes that have become very popular. Instructors teach high impact and low impact classes but their main focus is on spinning and Pilates classes, which are the core of Fitstop. The Fitstop team believes in the combination of these two classes and considers them the most effective and efficient workouts when grouped together.

What are the benefits of combining spinning and Pilates?

The Fitstop team aims at clearing up any and all misconceptions about fitness. They say fitness is not only about lifting weights and running long distances, it’s about having the correct balance of everything including  cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility –which prevent injuries.

There are many benefits of combining spinning and Pilates classes as they both give different results and affect the body in diverse ways. Spinning works on the cardiovascular endurance, strengthening the legs, building muscle tone and reducing the risks of injury. Pilates is more about shaping your body, strengthening it, improving posture and flexibility in addition to boosting stamina and releasing stress.

How long are the classes? 

All classes are one hour long but most clients take spinning and Pilates classes back-to- back for two consecutive hours as they believe that these two classes complement each other.

How many calories will a person burn in a class approximately?

The amount of calories burnt varies from each person to another, however spinning burns between 500 to 800 calories a session while Pilates doesn’t burn that many calories. It doesn’t exceed 150 calories as it’s not a calorie-burning workout; it’s more about strengthening your body and shaping it.

People who start usually maintain a diet for six weeks and workout in parallel. Fitstop really aims to change people’s lifestyle by teaching people to exercise for a healthy body, not just quick weight loss, maintenance is the most important thing about exercising.

Are there different levels for the classes?

At Fitstop, the team is always very keen to create a non-intimidating and non-competitive environment. They have different levels in the same class and they say that that’s the beauty of it, because they can always see the elevation and improvement of each person, everyone is there very helpful!

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