Fat Burger – Relocated


A well-established American burger chain aiming to be one of the best burger places in Zamalek, bringing the traditional experience of juicy beef burger patties alongside hand–scooped ice cream milkshakes right to your table.

Concept: Established in 1952 in Los Angeles, California, the place was known to have some of the best burgers and milkshakes in town. Mainly known for serving juicy burgers, fresh fries, homemade onion rings and milkshakes.

Signature dishes: Fat Salad, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Western BBQ Fatburger, Classic Fatburger, Hotdog

Dishes Sampled:

We started off with the Buffalo-Fried Chicken Wings, 5 pieces of fried chicken wings drenched in buffalo chili sauce, with a side of ranch sauce and carrot sticks. We then tried the Western BBQ Fatburger- one of their best selling burgers, a fresh juicy Fatburger with BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, beef bacon, Swiss cheese and two homemade crispy onion rings, it was accompanied by a side of skinny, crispy fries and a drink. We also tried the Mushroom Swiss Burger, beef burger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms, this burger came with a side of Fat Fries, kind of like potato wedges and a drink. The portions are good, a very filling meal, the burgers are not small- enough to fill you up.

Other menu options that appealed: The menu offers a wide range of burgers, a great feature of Fat Burger is you can choose a single, double, triple or quad burger patty, which makes it extra juicy! Burgers for healthy consumers are also on offer: Lettuce Wrap Burger (where buns are replaced with lettuce, with the classic burger and additional toppings are still there). There is also the Bun-less Burger, where the buns are replaced with beef patties. The Chicken Strips also looked very appealing, as well as the Caesar salad, and the hotdogs.

Décor: The interior is mainly inspired by the 1950’s, a lot of pop art, wall paintings, neon signs, the seating is very suitable for a burger place, wooden chairs- not too comfy but good enough for a quick burger meal.

Ambiance: The ambiance generally brings an essence of modernity but at the same time contains the classic part to it – inspired by 1950’s music and art.

Beverages available:

Soft Drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite)


Clientele mix: The clientele at Fatburger is mainly a combination of young couples, or young groups of friends.

Price range: The price range is fairly good, not too high, not too low. It’s affordable and prices are good considering other burger places.

Contact information

Address: 5, Abu El Feda Street, Zamalek  

Opening hours:  8 am- 12 am

Tel: 01118711966

Instagram: instagram.com/fatburgereg/

Facebook: facebook.com/fatburger egypt/

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