Farida Temraz


International Egyptian Designer

The World of Farida Temraz

By Maggie Balbaa

If you are into fashion, you have probably recently heard of Temraza Haute couture. The very young brand that has made it to the international markets of Europe and the USA. Farida Temraz, chief designer and entrepreneur behind Temraza has worked around the clock for the past four years to deliver to us what is today the first Egyptian brand in history to be worn by beauty blogger and actress Teni Panosian, dancer Sharna Burgess, and reality show star and host Morgan Stewart at the Annual Academy Awards.

CEM: Farida, how did you start out in fashion?

FT: After I graduated in marketing I took several leadership and motivation programs abroad. I met with top designers to learn about the industry and their experience in brand management. I studied all aspects of fashion design and production then got back to my passion, which is designing and leading the brand.

How did Temraza come about?

It all started with my great passion for fashion. I have been designing and drawing dresses since I was seven years old. In 2012, I took the decision to start Temraza and launched the brand with only $250. I managed to self-fund all of my international appearances through my early sales. Those trips were like a reward to myself.

Tell us about your fashion journey to date.

I wanted to be the first internationally recognized Egyptian brand, so my first experience was London Fashion Week in 2014. Despite their very tight selection criteria, I applied and took the risk. To my surprise, I got accepted. What motivated me was that the media chose to cover my brand among only four other brands. My second step was Paris Fashion Week. I was placed first in a competition and got some international coverage in Runway Magazine and on Fashion TV. I also started selling in Paris. My next step was LA Fashion Week in the USA. My collection was called “The Concert” and was inspired by stage performances of LA. Each dress had a star character. I was featured in Hollywood Times and started selling in Beverly Hills. That fashion week introduced me to stylists, who later chose my dresses for their celebrity clients.

What was your proudest moment?

I have two. Dressing stars at the Oscars and the Paris “First Place Award”.

What do you do to chill out and relax?

I enjoy the sun, along with a cup of coffee. I also love travelling and sports but now I have a very tight schedule so I am struggling to find time to relax.

What is your favorite shop in Cairo?

Collezioni. A small department store that suits my shoe-a-holic taste.

What is your favorite app?

Snapchat and, for fashion purposes, Instagram and Pinterest.

What inspires you?

Definitely Chanel and the designer Olivier Rousteing from Balmain.

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