eklego design


Occupying one of the most beautiful historic small villas in Zamalek, Marakez Office and Sales Center has been giving new life by Eklego Design.  The weight and beauty of the original building has been preserved and restored and all additions have been treated like super imposed elements or installations within the classic core.

The dynamic new team has progressive ideas about the way their team should operate and is passionate about ensuring the same experience upon their prospective clients. In their new real estate development sales center guests are received in very hip lounges and interactive spaces. Through  the  inviting  spaces,  warm  materials,  and  casual furniture, Marakez hopes to appeal to the client by  selling them a lifestyle that is more  in tune  with  their nature. As a continuation  of the  unique  offices, the  work areas are all open plan with alternative forms of seating and meeting areas.

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