Egyptian House Music Duo The Disc Jockeys: “It’s how the melodies move all of our senses”


Egyptian House Music Duo The Disc Jockeys: “It’s how the melodies move all of our senses”

The Egyptian duo Amr Soliman and Ahmad El Saify, aka, “The Disc Jockeys”, teamed up in 2017 and achieved instantaneous success on the ever-booming DJ scene in Egypt; a scene that is teeming with talent, innovation, creative flair, and sick beats.

Known widely now for their repertoire of mood elevating, heart pumping electronic house music sets and mixes in their show called Digging Deep, aptly named for their deep research into various house genres from different cultures.

The duo took time from their infusion of tunes to speak to us about how it all started a couple of years ago, when they met at an event and started chit-chatting about music and their favorite genres. Good chemistry on their first encounter sparked what is now a powerhouse partnership that brings deep musical introspection and culturally combined house mixes to the fore via The Disc Jockeys.

Both boys find their major inspiration in life to be their respective mothers, musically however, the duo draws inspiration from Tale of Us, Solomun, and by Tarek Al Araby (Arrab) locally. For Soliman and El Saify, their most memorable night as fans of the house music genre was Solomun in Sahl Hasheesh. As performers, their most memorable night thus far was when the duo performed in the UAE.

We dug deep with the pair into their love of electronic house music, where it comes from and how it makes them feel. Almost in sync, both DJs said that it was pure emotion that drives them down this path. “It’s how the melodies move all of our senses,” said one, “when you listen to electronic house music, you experience too many mixed feelings, and this is what we love the most about it,” said the other.

What was your favorite night at The Tap so far?

Elektrolive/Elektronight & Break a Leg

What are the secret ingredients of a booming night for a DJ?

The crowd, and the venue team.

What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Melodic Techno

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix)

Pjanoo – Eric Prydz

What festivals would you most like to play in?

Tomorrowland and Burning Man

Who’s your favorite band/DJ? And which artist from the scene would you like to share the decks with?

Carl Cox and Ahmed Eid

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