Easy Pan




By Tati Hafez


Want to enjoy a healthy, fresh, home-cooked meal without the hassle of having to do all the shopping?         Easy Pan is the way to do it.

Whether you are a busy working mother, a newly-wed facing the kitchen for the first time, want to impress your in laws, or simply enjoy cooking special meals for family and friends, the task of putting together all the ingredients for a healthy, gourmet, home cooked meal has just been made into a hassle-free experience

Launched recently, Easy Pan is a recipe kit home delivery service, offering a unique concept. You order your preferred meal online from their menu list and they send you a box filled with all the ingredients, already pre-packed and pre-measured for you to cook. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on their recipe card. No previous cooking experience is required. It is suitable for everybody, including those who have never cooked a meal before.

The idea emerged after noticing friends struggling to cook. “Easy Pan comes to make home cooking accessible to everyone”, says Doha Tantawy, co-founder, “as it saves all the shopping and preparation time that has to be done before cooking.”

Recipes are carefully crafted by their culinary team, taking into consideration all cravings. Each month 12 recipes are available online with a variety of starters, main dishes and desserts, including carbs and proteins. The best 6 sellers are offered again and 6 new ones are added to them. Seasonal fruits and vegetables guarantee the freshness of their meals. To guarantee the originality and distinctiveness of their recipe selection, Easy Pan makes all sauces and spices in-house.

We tried their Pistachio Salmon recipe, consisting of salmon fillet, glazed with a honey and orange dip topped with crushed pistachio and breadcrumbs accompanied by spicy sweet potatoes on the side. The salmon came in a vacuum-sealed bag to conserve its freshness. All in all it was a worthy experience. Ingredients were very fresh, and rightly proportioned. There was no waste. Instructions were easy to follow. In the recipe card, the step-by-step are perfectly illustrated and in 5 easy steps. The whole process took 45 minutes until a warm home cooked meal was ready. Not to mention the enjoyment of preparing a gourmet dish, which came to EGP 120 for two people. They also offer weekly packages, so you can organize your menu accordingly. Delivery is done in 24 hours and you can choose within two time slots. They are available for the whole greater Cairo.

Easy Pan is more than an ingredient recipe kit. It is introducing a new culture of home cooking, by delivering fresh ingredients, and a healthy, flavor-rich recipe straight to your doorstep. It is guaranteed quality food and quality time! Thank you Easy Pan. You have just uncomplicated the cooking experience.

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