Lap of Luxury: Culinary Food Tours of Spain


By Amy N. Pugsley

SpainFew cultures love and exalt food and its’ related activities the way the Spanish do. Food is part and parcel of every facet of Spanish life, from tapas to after lunch siestas; foodie culture is alive and well. In the most natural way, almost all Spaniards can tell you what region of Spain their cheese comes from, they can tell you what their jamón ibérico was fed, and the minute differences between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. This love affair and fascination is not a trend but an integral part of Spanish culture that makes the gastronomy of the country so unique. While many outlets exist for both locals and tourists to explore the endless amounts of delicious food options, there is a new fun and luxurious way of exploring Spain’s diverse food offerings: a private jet tour!

A gastro-tourism outfit based in San Sebastián called Mimo does just that! It brings tourists into the heart of Spanish food culture in a unique and personal way. From cooking classes to wine tastings to food tours, fulfilling your culinary fantasies can now be done via the private jet food tour. How does visiting the trendiest eateries and hidden gastronomic gems of Spain sound?

A specialized food tour via private jet does seem too good to be true but this is simply the next step in the development of the expanding foodie tourism industry; an industry that combines food and travel in perfect harmony. If you’re into globetrotting, culture immersion through food and great Spanish sunsets, then a food tour may be in the cards for you. Any authentic foodie knows that the relationship with food is an intimate one, and you can now deepen your love of food through the experience of touring the different regions in style.

Flying private while sipping champagne en route to a fully customized whirlwind tasting of Spain doesn’t sound too shabby. Skipping airport queues, relaxing high above the clouds, being whisked from one five-star location to the next… Seeing Spain through its’ heritage of food is a great way to learn about the history and culture of this nation.

For those willing to take the plunge on this epic food journey, the tour takes you to Sevilla, Mallorca, and San Sebastián where the best of the best of local food is sampled and where guests can do some hands-on cooking, and dine Michelin-style. In San Sebastián, where the journey starts, diners will become experts on Basque cuisine and learn why this small city is considered the food capital of the world. Located on the north coast in the Basque region, San Sebastián has one of the highest numbers of Michelin Stars per square meter, and is home to arguably some of the freshest and best seafood in all of Europe. In Sevilla, foodies can explore the world of Andalusian cuisine; rife with delicious Arabic influence, the south of Spain showcases a mix of Arab and Spanish culture as it is infused into food, clothing, and architecture. Finally, in Mallorca guests will experience the sun and the sand in one of the country’s favorite destinations.

The Spanish are still eating and perfecting the foods of their forefathers and continue to set the standard for gastronomic excellence. This unique food culture gives Spain and each of its incredible cities something to offer hungry travelers, and the experiences are endless.



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