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A Hidden Treasure at 4 Mix Mall in Beverly Hills

Just mention Peri-Peri and we jump to attention. We have hunted it down from Camden to Capetown, so when we heard that a great new venue called Chiqita in our neck of town had wood-fired rotisserie chicken with this unique spicy, aromatic seasoning and sauce, nothing could hold us back.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Samples

Peri-Peri chicken is the star of the menu, plus a host of other popular dishes. Vegans and vegetarians are also well catered for with a great choice of rice dishes, pasta dishes and salads.

When you are spoiled for choice it is best to go with the chef’s recommendations, so we did. Our capacity wasn’t quite a match for the amazing array of dishes that appeared, but we truly did our best. We went with soup to start, both the rich, flavor-packed Creamy Mushroom and Creamy Chicken got our seal of approval.A few minutes later we were digging into a myriad of salads and sides. Hot Spinach Dip served with garlic bread, Artichoke Salad with herbs, garlic and a light dressing, Rocca and Mushroom Salad with cherry tomato, olive oil and fine shavings of Parmesan, Chicken Caesar Salad with chunks of chicken, croutons, anchovy  and Parmesan, Beetroot Salad with dainty cubes of crisp apple mixed in, and so much more. From Potato Salad to superb Coleslaw, and the signature Hummus Salad, we meandered from dish to dish, enjoying the relaxed vibe of Chiqita.

Not expecting anything more while we were waiting for our Peri-Peri Chicken, we still couldn’t hold back when tubs of hot roasted sweet potato and nut and raisin packed khalta rice miraculously appeared, along with a generous serving of Mac ‘n Cheese. By now it was apparent that only the highest quality produce and ingredients are used at Chiqita, every dish was fresh and brimming over with goodness.

It should be mentioned that we washed this all down with an Oreo Shake and a Berry Yoghurt shake. Both were exceptionally good, and those alone had enough calories to see us through an average day. Somehow we had allowed ourselves to be talked into sharing the signature Chiqita Lasagna, made with spinach pasta, béchamel and hearty chunks of sausage, which arrived with a saffron-infused Chicken Biryani. Comfort food to remember!

Then, along came the star of the show, the Peri-Peri Chicken. For the uninitiated, this is chicken at its best. With a crisp spicy and slightly sweet exterior, the chicken was moist and tender with the enticing aroma and flavor that can only be found with a wood- burning open oven. It came with a light, fluffy tomeya, tehina and the signature Peri-Peri sauce, a blend of African Bird’s Eye chili and other well-guarded secret ingredients.  It was everything we had expected, and more.

Silence reigned while we did it justice, mentally making a note that we were definitely going to be making Chiqita a regular haunt. A large portion Chocolate Fridge Cake arrived for us to share before we wandered off into the crisp spring evening, a great way to wind up a meal to remember.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available
The menu is extensive, so we would explore further. Peri-Peri Chicken would be a must, though.

Beverage choices include juices, smoothies, shakes, mock-tails and hot drinks.

Décor & Ambience
Chiqita offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area is cozy, with an open wood-burning fire laden with spits of mouthwatering chicken. The outdoor area has a large projection screen so diners can enjoy the latest match or Ramadan series. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with a warm, hospitable vibe.

Clientele mix:  Locals seem to have already discovered Chiqita, even though 4 Mix Mall is a recent addition to the Beverly Hills scene. Great for couples, groups of friends and families alike.

Worth noting: There is an efficient delivery service in place, and it is obviously a popular feature, as is the take-away option. All dishes served in-house are presented in colorful tubs, making it easy to pack up what you haven’t been able to finish to take home for later.

Price range: Very affordable, making it excellent value.

Contact information
Opening hours:  12 pm to 12 am.
Address: 4 Mix Mall, just behind New Vision International School, Beverly Hills.
Tel: 0101 131 7118 / 9
Facebook and Instagram: @Chiqita Egypt

Chiqita in Beverly Hills
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