Celebrating Traditional Crafts


Celebrating Traditional Crafts

Pottery, Woodwork and Handicrafts at Fayoum’s Annual Festival

By Hilary Diack

The Tunis village festival for pottery and handicrafts will take place for the 4th year running in this small Fayoum Oasis village by Lake Qarun, from the 27th to the 30th of November, 2014. The festival has become a major draw for visitors from Egypt and abroad who appreciate the efforts made to keep traditional crafts alive. Work of local potters and ceramic artists of all ages will be showcased in the picturesque surrounding of Tunis, a small village nestled alongside the peaceful lake. In conjunction with the pottery displays, several cultural activities and workshops will also add to the festivities.

Recreational activities like horse riding, bird watching and desert safaris will also be available. There will be a musical evening with some alternative Egyptian and foreign music as well as a puppet show on the opening night. Additional recreational activities will include horse riding on the shores of Lake Qarun, bird watching accompanied by guides specialized in environmental counselling and desert safaris .


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