Cairo Kids Got Talent Festival


Organized by Cairo West Magazine at Arkan Plaza On May 9th


Cairo East Magazine’s very first Kids Got Talent Festival took place at Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed on Friday May 9th. A steady stream of visitors flocked to this much-awaited event throughout the day, with many staying on to enjoy the balmy evening breeze at the cafés and restaurants.

Cairo East Magazine met up with some participants after the show, to learn more about their interests and ambitions.

The Talent Show – Cairo East Magazine Introduces Some of our Future Rising Stars!

Laila Shaaban, dancer, 9 yrs old



CEM: Laila, when did you start dancing?

Laila: The first time I danced in public was a couple of years ago. I have been dancing since I was small, picking up ideas from YouTube and TV. I don’t take lessons although I admit there could be a benefit. I really want to develop my own style.

Who is your favourite star in Egypt?

I really admire Soad Hosni.


What about your favourite international singer or group?

It would have to be One Direction.

Which classes do you enjoy most at school?

I most enjoy art, sports and science. I work hard to be an A-level student.

What would you like to do when you finish your education?

Much as I love dancing I actually plan to study medicine and would eventually like to become Minister of Health.

How do you spend your free time?

I keep active with basketball and squash, and also enjoy relaxing with my parents and older sister. We love playing board games when we have time.

What is your favourite food?

A toss-up between barbecued steak and khoshari.

If you could choose where to go on holiday this summer where would it be?

South Africa, to enjoy nature and the animals, or Brazil.


Zeina Bassem, hip-hop dancer, 11 yrs old


CEM: Zeina, tell us how long you have been dancing?

Zeina: Really, it is too long ago to remember. I started studying ballet seriously when I was six years old, and I go to lessons twice a week at the Cairo Opera Ballet.

So, who is your favorite international singer or group?

I like Shakira and Justine Bieber.

Which classes do you enjoy most at school?

I most enjoy art and English.

What would you like to do when you finish your education?

Definitely something to do with dance, either ballet or hip-hop.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy going out with my friends to places like Americana Plaza and Dandy Mall.

What is your favorite food?

Fries and burgers.

If you could choose where to go on holiday this summer where would it be?

Los Angeles, or to visit my cousins in Belgium. But we will probably go to the North Coast as usual.


Rahim, dub-step dancer, 9 yrs old


CEM: Rahim, how did you get into Dub-Step?

Rahim: I saw a movie called Step Up, and ever since then I have been watching dancing on YouTube whenever I can. I don’t take lessons but really like working out my own routines.

Who is your favorite international dancer or group?

Adam Sevani, he starred in Step Up.

Which classes do you enjoy most at school?

I like English.

What would you like to do when you finish your education?

I know it is hard work, but I would like to become a professional dancer.

How do you spend your free time?

I play guitar, practise my dancing, and play water polo to keep fit. I have a younger brother and sister, so we often make family visits to the cinema.

If you could choose where to go on holiday this summer where would it be?

Dubai, I love it. I went two weeks ago and can’t wait to visit again.


Watariano Band – Farida Gad (12), Farouk Gad (12), Mostafa Morsi (18), Mohamed Ramy (13),  Jana Khafaga (10), Zeinab Moneib (11).


CEM: Please tell us how the band started?

Farida and Farouk’s mom is our band manager. She used to take us all to classical oriental concerts and we loved the music. We were all involved in playing instruments so the band came together a couple of years ago. We have played in El Sawy Culture Wheel and Cairo Opera House. We chose the name Watariano, to represent the stringed instrument, watar, and the piano.


Can you tell us something about yourselves?

Mostafa Morsi (18): I play piano and study at Trinity College London. I have always loved singing, ever since I was small. I have just started my studies in Architectural Engineering, and also enjoy photography, reading and composing music. Every sort of music appeals to me, I enjoy listening to Nesma Maghoub, Andrea Bocelli, jazz, opera and pop, as well as traditional Arabic music. My favorite meal is chicken, cooked any style, and I would love to visit England.

Mohamed Ramy (13): I play oud, and take private lessons. I read as much as possible when I have free time; it opens your mind to the world. Currently my favorite writer is John Green. My favorite classes at school are human rights and social studies. I have been swimming for nine years and I train hard.  I have a younger sister whom I sometimes tease, but she knows I really love her. My favorite Egyptian band is Cairokee, I love Lebanese food and sushi, and would really like to visit Antarctica.

Farida Gad (12): Farouk’s twin sister. I play marimba, tabla and piano. I also sing, I joined a choir in our club when I was only four years old. My favorite performers are Adele and Mohamed Mohsen, and I love karaoke. I hope I can follow a career in music eventually, although I do enjoy math and English literature at school. When I have free time I go out to restaurants, the club or movies with my friends. My favorite meals are lasagne and khoshari, (but not together). I can cook a little myself.

Farouk Gad (12): I am Farida’s twin brother. I sing, and play drums, piano, saxophone, recorder, trumpet and tabla. I have to practise in the basement though. I download music all the time, and currently am really into Jason Mraz. Although I love music my dream would be to enter the field of advanced automotive design. Food-wise I prefer healthy options and Chinese cuisine, junk food is not my thing. I play basketball in my free time, as well as watching Discovery Channel and Discovery Science on TV. My next holiday will hopefully be Dubai, I have been there before and really enjoyed it.

Zeina Mouneib (11): I play anoun. I chose this old type of instrument because it has a very distinctive tone. I also started singing when I was around four years old, I used to join in with the music on the TV, and maybe that is why I am a big fan of karaoke. I have been told I have prefect pitch. My favourite artist is Christina Aguilera, and I definitely want to enter the world of music when I finish my studies. Most of my free time is spent listening to music, turned up as loud as possible. Food-wise my favourite dish is molokhia with chicken and rice, and my hobbies are running, dancing and keeping fit. My dream holiday is Greece, I love the architecture, the language and the music.

Jana Khafaga (10): I have two sisters and a brother who is currently studying in Canada. I am the baby of the family. I started screaming around the house when I was only two, I could sing before I could speak. I play piano, drums and xylophone, and my favourite lessons at school are music and P.E. I am fairly sure that I would like to be a professional singer and musician when I finish my studies. My favorite food is molokhia and rice. In my free time I enjoy drawing, swimming, tennis and basketball. Of course, I spend time surfing the internet for good music to listen to as well. I am looking forward to going to the USA and Canada this summer.

The Girlz – Farida Sadek (10), Basma Tarek (10), Jana El Ezzaby (11), Hana Hany (10).


CEM: Please tell us how the band started?

We started dancing as a group at school. Our teacher was very encouraging so we kept practising and working on our routines together.

Can you tell us something about yourselves?

Farida Sadek (10): I started dancing before I could walk; I dance whenever I get the chance. My big dream is to become a professional dancer, up on stage, with the spotlight on my face. I plan to make it to Hollywood someday. At the moment my favorite groups are Little Mix and One Direction. In my free time I practise dancing and singing, as well as playing tennis. I also enjoy clowning around! My favourite food is Chicken Burgers.

Basma Tarek (10): I have always loved music, and started dancing when I was about three years old. I don’t take any dance lessons as I like to create the moves by myself in front of a mirror. My favorite groups at present are Little Mix and R5. I love good food, especially sushi, and can already cook quite a few dishes by myself. I want to become a professional dancer and singer when I finish my studies. Of course, it is a dream of mine to visit Hollywood, as well as Barcelona, Madrid and Rome.

Jana El Ezzaby (11): I have always been musical and have a talent for dancing. I teach myself as I really don’t like anyone telling me how to create my moves. My favorite groups are One Direction and Little Mix. My top subjects at school are science and music, and in my free time I enjoy drawing and tennis. My choice for a meal out would have to be sushi and teppan-yaki. Dance is my big love though, I hope to follow it as a career. I would also love to go to Hollywood, but can’t complain about our family plans to go to Barcelona and Paris this summer!

Hana Hany (10): I can’t remember when I first started dancing, it was so long ago. Our group likes to work out routines together, we get a lot of ideas from watching Disney Channel on TV. All of my hobbies seem to revolve around dancing, singing, acting and art, but I still enjoy playing card games with my family when we get a chance. My totally favorite meal is barbequed steak with mashed potatoes and Caesar Salad. Hollywood is on my to-visit list, but the place I go to most is Paris, I have been quite a few times. The Eiffel Tower is beautiful.

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