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There’s no place to hide when summer rolls around. All those extra kilos that were disguised under layers of baggy winter sweaters are now grabbing unforgiving attention as we hit the beach. Despair not! We found some effective solutions are at hand when we posed some questions to Dr. Hatem Amr of Cosmoderma Clinics.

CWM: What services and treatments are available for getting back into shape quickly?
Dr.H.A.:   An important service we offer is slimming, firming and lifting. Slimming treatments are carried out by using various technologies that break down the fat. These are Ultrasound, Laser, Radiofrequency and Infrared, which firm and lift areas by stimulating target muscles.

How do body toning machines work?
The treatment utilizes highly focused muscle contractions (approximately 20,000 muscle contractions during the session) allowing muscles to contract in a way that’s not possible through exercise. The contractions result in a rapid metabolic reaction in cells to not only strengthen and firm your muscles but to also break down fat. It’s best suited for individuals with a lower BMI who want to improve muscle definition and fat reduction in hard to target areas.

Are there different types of machines for various parts of the body?
There are different pieces of equipment with different technologies; most of them work on several areas of the body.

What are the main areas that people tend to work on?
The most common problem areas are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks but we also carry out treatment on the back and the arms.

How safe is this type of therapy?
These are beneficial procedures, which lead to loss of fat, strengthening and firming of muscles, treatment of sagging skin, and increasing blood circulation in treated areas.

Should we consult a physician before using this toning therapy?
The doctor should review the history of the patient before the procedure to check that there are no major health problems.

Should a body toning program be used in conjunction with a restricted diet?

One should eat healthy food during this treatment. We want the equipment to work on the body fat not on the fat intake.

How long does it usually take to see results?
Each and every session you lose size and weight from localized areas.

How long does a body toning program usually last for?
The weight and size you’ve lost at the end of the course of 10 sessions is not there anymore! It’s up to you to keep these results by sticking to healthy food at least 5 days per week. You will be used to eating healthy food by the end of the sessions.

Are there any risks involved?
There are some contraindications in which any slimming procedure should not be done, as in life-threatening conditions such as cancer patients on radio or chemotherapy, liver failure, kidney failure or acute heart failure, where the patient is weak and restricted from daily exercise. Any treatment should be aborted during pregnancy and lactation, even fillers and laser hair removal, since there are no tests done on pregnant or lactating women.

Is this type of body toning suitable for everyone?
It’s suitable for any individual of any age starting from puberty, male or female, who doesn’t have any life threatening medical condition like the ones listed above. For females, body toning is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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